The East Coast Fling

The East Coast Fling

 New York City, New York, USA

Their music has been described as "A shot of raw emotion injected by guitar." The 5 like minded friends from the same town write music they love and prove it on stage. The feel of their live show ranges from "End of the Century" party to "Violent theater performance" depending on the song.


The East Coast Fling is a rock band from Queens, N.Y. Formed in 2011, with Adam Steven (vocals/keys), Charles Costa (guitar), Richard Sochor (guitar), NeKo Soto (bass/vocals) and Mike Reo (drums). Each member comes from very different musical influences and disciplines. Despite this, ECF manages to write their material collectively which yields a Hard rock sound laden with guitar and bass riffs on top of driving drums and pop vocal melodies. These like minded friends from the same town haven't until now decided to seriously take their music public and as they started it was little more than a fling.


The East Coast Fling is currently in the process of recording their first EP, “The Romantic Bathroom.” They already released a number of songs to their fans on the Internet for free and the singles, “Back to the Sex,” and "Kathleen Turner Overdrive" can be found in iTunes already.