The Eastern Sea

The Eastern Sea

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Eastern Sea is a band that values depth and dynamics. Using songwriting craft and expressive instrumentation, the group creates a type of environment that goes beyond the pop hook to captivate the mind and body of the listener.


At times, it is easy for The Eastern Sea to forget that Austin, Texas is home. And for that reason, their self-titled record (in two parts) plays much like an anti-travelogue, a recollection of distant places that tend to mimic their own somehow foreign neighborhoods.

Musically, The Eastern Sea combines swelling post-rock-like percussion, energetic and melodic bass guitar, lofty wurlizter, synthesizer pads, and finger-picked guitar that can either float above the ground or come down like a ton of bricks.

As a band, The Eastern Sea tends to mimic their own musical aesthetic, sometimes swelling to a massive 11-piece collective featuring string and brass instruments, and sometimes distilling the sound to the core of singer/songwriter Matthew Hines.

The sound and unique sense of place heard on The Eastern Sea's two-part self-titled release also has much to do with the band's unique recording and music writing process. Having just graduated from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas as valedictorian of his senior class, Hines has had to work to create something special despite an often insane schedule.

As the band continues to grow on a regional and national level, what 90.5 KUT, Austin's nationally-renowned public radio, has said of the band certainly rings true.

"Austin and the rest of the indie-pop world will be hearing a lot from this act for awhile."


"The Eastern Sea EP" - released July 2008.
1. The Night
2. The Menu
3. The Floor
4. This is Holborn

Split 7" Vinyl Record w/ News on the March- released Spring 2009.
1. Untitled
2. The Sea

"EPII" - Released November 2009.
1. The Mountain
2. The Sea
3. The Name
4. Your House

"Plague" - Debut LPTo Be Released in Feb. 2012

1. Plague
2. Wasn't For Love
3. So Long/Either Way
4. Santa Rosa
5. America
6. Say Yes
7. The Match
8. China Untitled 1
9. Central Cemetery
10. There You Are
11. A Lie
12. The Line

Set List

30-45 Minute Set:

The Match
The Menu
The Sea
The Night
The Mountain
The Name
The Snow
This is Holborn