the Easyflow Notion

the Easyflow Notion


When mixing a relaxing beverage add equal parts rock, funk, blues, soul and jazz; shake well and garnish with reggae and a little groove. Serve chilled and enjoy the Easyflow Notion.


Based in Birmingham Al. the Easyflow Notion is an original band that takes pride in making music. With over forty original songs they have somthing for everybody, white, black, eighty or nine people can dig the flow. the Easyflow Notion has been together for almost four years now, thier influences include Prince, Zepplin, Marley, Hendrix, Radiohead, Chilli Peppers, MMW, Miles Davis, Phish, P-Funk, Blind Mellon, P.E., Outkast, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, the Beatles, Stones, Beastie Boy's, Boogie Down Production's, Black Crowe's, Galactic, Paul Simon etc..etc.. the EfN just digs good music, after all good is good and crap is crap. The thing that sets EfN apart is thier willingness to cross genres more than once in any givin song, they try to be open enough to appeal to whoever is listening. the Easyflow Notion played VooDoo Fest 2004, and opened for Chicago on there 2002 summer tour, in 2005 they hope to bring a little easyflow to a body and soul neer you.


the Eayflow Notion's debut CD "FLOWDOWN" was released in early 2004. The first single "Efficiency" can be heard from time to time on 107.7 the X in Birmingham. "Da Name's Jame's" and "To Your Beginning" can be found streaming trough various station's on the net.

Set List

An Easyflow Notion set typically last 45 to 90 min. depending on crowd and venue. Some original song's include- To Your Beginning, Da Name's Jame's, Efficiency, Rollercoaster, Wash Away, More Than Rain, Crooked Ass Grin, Porches, Breathe, Suzie, What You Think, Flow Down, The Flow Hit Ya Like...When The Flow Hit, That's The Shit, Slow, Burn, The Show, Middle, To Your End, Best Friend, Lady O, the Triplet's Song, 13th Song, Orange Wood, Decendent's of The Funk and many more. the Easyflow Notion also has a repertoire of over 50 covers a small example is Purple Rain, Groove Me, Come Together, What I Got, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Stuck In the Middle, Musicology, Fire, Wind Cry's Mary, Cheap Sunglasses, Heavy Things, Driver 8, Miss You, Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes, Last Dance with Mary Jane, Low, Git up Stand up, Get up Get out and Get Somthing, Ride Me High, If You Have to Ask, Sex Machine, Hard to Handle, Under the Bridge, What it's Like, May be Crazy, etc.......