The Easy Life

The Easy Life

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Adam Aces show is unlike anything you have ever seen! Inspired by the likes of Jim Carrey and Steve Martin, Adam Ace combines many comedy aspects.The high-energy performances of Adam Ace take audiences on a crazy comedy adventure and leave them never knowing what to expect next!


The Easy Life: 10 Ways to Make Sure Your College Experience Isnt Harder Than It Has to Be

Lets face it, college is the most important part of a young persons life and the decisions they make in this time, whether good or bad, can have a profound effect on where their life heads after college. College students need guidance on how to make the best possible decisions in regards to their relationships, majors and even the social activities they take part in.

The Easy Life: 10 Ways to Make Sure Your College Experience Isnt Harder Than It Has to Be aims to be that source of guidance for your students. Presented by Adam Ace, a comedic entertainer in the college circuit for over 10 years, and former Student Activities Board President, this program is guaranteed to be a hit with your students. Adam covers various topics and the cons of the poor decisions that are often made. For example, Getting Married: Pretty Easy, Getting Divorced: Not so easyGetting Pregnant: Very Easy, Raising a Baby: Not Easy at AllGetting a Tattoo: Easy, Having a Tattoo Removed: Not Easynot to mention, very painful. With a comedic spin on some very serious topics, this is the program that could change your students future. They will have fun while learning how to make better decisions in life, making it the perfect program for any group, organization or event on campus.


Professionally performing since college, Adam has been awarded and acknowledged by APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities,) as Comedian of the Year.