The Eaton Street Blues Band

The Eaton Street Blues Band


BLUES classics, BLUES/rock and Originals. From the roots of american music to chicago with a little country/rock all with a blues feel!!!!


Bill Eaton always wanting to play the blues in clubs but, could never seem to find a band that wanted to do the same. One christmas Bill bought his nephew Geoff Eaton a bass guitar. Well geoff recieved his training by on the job training as Bill took him where ever he could find a drumer to play with. Soon enough Geoff was playing well and The ESBB was on thier way. Several personel changes with musicians coming and going The ESBB now has a winning combination. Tom Collins on Blues harp and Steve Fortuna rounding out the rythym section on drums. We now have a large song list we think is both entertaining as well as virsitile. "With enough songs that it's no telling what we might do" according to Bill. "We might be doing Robert Johnson or Son House one minute and the next we could do a song by Waylon Jennings or The Talking heads. We cover a lot of ground". This is true as I have witnessed seeing these guys play on consectutive nights and they do two almost different song lists. I never get tired of these songs.
Al Martin Mgr. The Eaton Street BLUES Band


our 1st demo recieves streaming airplay through the Atlanta Blues Societies bluescast @ as well as on Good morning blues 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. est Monday through friday on WRFG 89.3 fm in Atlanta Ga. U.S.A. and you can enjoy this program streaming over the internet @
We currently are enjoying a mild success with Bill Eaton's orginal song : Keepin' the blues alive

Set List

Our Typical first set is usally 10 to 12 songs or a little more than an hour. Then we take a short break and start the next set with a few songs on a screaming lap steel. Then on to some eletric slide and back to standard tuning. The second set we usally blow right on for up to two hours or more! Then whatever time if any we finish up to the end of the show.