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Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
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"Rolling Stone David Fricke's Top Ten albums 2010"

Thee Attacks, That's Mister Attack to You (Crunchy Frog)
One of my two favorite Danish records this year was made by four guys who missed the first beat boom by about 45 years but made up for it with this furious delight, blatantly inspired by the mid-Sixties Who and Kinks but delivered with modern enthusiasm, in smart original writing. Ancient history done right, right now.

- Rollin Stone Magazine

"Thee Attacks - Thats Mister Attack to You"

It's hard work trawling through new bands for this site. All too often it's tired old powerpop, thrill-free indie or a mess of Small Faces and Kink covers. But the rare gem that does come through does make it all worthwhile. Like The Attacks.
We first featured the Danish four-piece at the start of 2008, ridiculously fresh-faced, but already able to knock out a thumping garage-style riff straight from its golden age. Well, just over two years later, there's an album called 'That's Mister Attack To You' - and it doesn't disappoint.

Produced by Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, it boasts an authentic 60s-style sound and 12 songs that benefit from an air of slight familiarity from first play. Why? Well, these guys have obviously done their homework from 'back in the day', taking inspiration from the lands of Nuggets and British R&B for the all-original compositions on offer here. If you're already a fan of the noisier end of 60s beat, you'll love this. But if you've not been sold on the originals, Thee Attacks are unlikely to make you a new convert.

Luckily for Thee Attacks, I'm quite partial to The Kinks and The Sonics, which means tracks like 'Won't Break Me' and 'Rip My Heart Out' respectively are right up my street. You'll also hear the spirit of Ray and Dave Davies on 'Le Freak' (I'm thinking 'I Need You'), not to mention the odd Townshend-style thrash ('It's Alright') and possibly some Yardbirds influence on closing tune 'Are You?'. But don't let that fool you into thinking this is some kind of 60s pastiche - this is all about Thee Attacks taking note of the past, then doing their own thing in 2010.

On the downside, the album does like a standout track, although Love In Disguise' with its rasping guitar and jungle beat drums isn't far off a 'calling card' tune. But on the plus side, there isn't really a duff track on here (although slowie 'Love In The City' struggles to get heard amongst the noise around it).

However, the real standout thing about the whole album is the maturity of it all. Close your eyes and this really could one of the better nights at the Marquee 40+ years back - thanks to the superb production job as much as the band in all honesty. More than that, the playing and in particular the soulful vocals of 'Jimmy Attack' have much more maturity that you'd expect from a group of lads aged around 20 out of Denmark. If someone told me it was a wind-up, I wouldn't be surprised.

It isn't. 'That's Mister Attack To You' is actually a very impressive debut album, packed with energy and all the right reference points. If the mod scene has live bands like this to keep it going in the next few years, the future is very bright. An album well worth seeking out when it lands in the coming weeks.

The album will be issued on CD, download and 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve. To find out more, visit the Crunchy Frog website.

Reviewed by David Walker (review posted on 10th March 2010)


"Thats Mister Attack To You"

01 Thee AttacksLove In The City Play Buy
02 Thee AttacksWon't Break Me Play Buy
03 Thee AttacksLove In Disguise Play Buy
04 Thee AttacksRed Light Play Buy
05 Thee AttacksOn The Move Play Buy
06 Thee AttacksShelter Play Buy
07 Thee AttacksLe Freak Play Buy
08 Thee AttacksCan You Do It Play Buy
09 Thee AttacksRip My Heart Out Play Buy
10 Thee AttacksIt's Alright Play Buy
11 Thee AttacksTwirling Around Play Buy
12 Thee AttacksAre You? Play Buy
By David Fricke

2010 04 10 2010 04 10

Like their Swedish elders the Hives, these young Danish mods take their Sixties garage-R&B assault seriously: They recorded this brazenly titled album in mono with White Stripes producer Liam Watson. Thee Attacks are also solid songwriters who personalize their debts to the Who and the Kinks with thoroughly modern enthusiasm: the jungle-drum and slashing-treble mettle of "Love in Disguise," the cocky groove running under the moody blues in "Love in the City." You'll have to imagine the windmill-arm gymnastics and midair scissor kicks – until Thee Attacks come to burn down your town in person. - Rolling Stone Magazine


Track: “Johnny And I” (Cover of Superheroes) (Crunchy Frog Recordings / Crunchy Tunes 2009)

Album: That’s Mister Attack To You (Crunchy Frog Recordings / Crunchy Tunes 2010)

Christmas single: “Let The Snow Fall” (Crunchy Frog Recordings / Crunchy Tunes 2010)

Soundtrack: “I Know What I Want” for Animated movie, Jensen & Jensen (Crunchy Frog Recordings / Crunchy Tunes 2011)

Released outside Denmark in : UK, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Schwitzerland


Julefrokosten (Movie) 2010: "It's Allright" from "That's Mister Attack to you"

Alle for èn (Movie) 2011: "It's Allright" from "That's Mister Attack to you"

UK Lottery (ad) 2010-11: "It's Allright" from "That's Mister Attack to you"

Jensen&Jensen (Animation Movie) 2011: "I Know What I Want" - Made for the movie

VisitCopenhagen (ad) 2011-12: "Love in the City" from "That's Mister Attack to you"




”Thee Attacks are a mod-looking four-piece from Aalborg in north Denmark. Soulful vocals complement a '65-era Townshend guitarist, who whacks out Have Love, Will Travel-style riff after riff. So good - and with no covers - they'll easily move beyond the garage and could crossover to become a successor to The Hives. Primitivist über-producer Liam Watson is here and smiling along.”

So wrote Kieron Tyler from MOJO Magazine (UK) after having seen Thee Attacks during the SPOT Festival in Denmark.

The producer mentioned in the quote is of course Liam Watson, renowned for producing the White Stripes breakthrough album “Elephant” in his tres hot Toe Rag Studio in London, containing only equipment from 1900-1975. And this very studio is also where he recorded the debut album of Danish band Thee Attacks.

And the authorized praise does not stop there. The legendary David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine (US) is a huge fan, and has given the album a great review in Rolling Stone Magazine and put it on his ‘’Fricke’s Picks’’ for 2010, a personal annual top 10 list of Fricke’s favourite albums of the year. After their recent show at SPOT he said to Danish newspaper Politiken:

”My new favourite Danish band is definitely Thee Attacks. They were amazing. A band like them does not exist in USA.”

Thee Attacks are 4 young kids with an average age of 23 hailing from northern Denmark. In spite of their relatively short career, they have already played gigs in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, New York and Austin - and of course every rock club in Denmark worth mentioning, which have send echoing rumors through the Danish and International rock‘n'roll scene about their unrelenting stage performance and energy bursts. Not bad for a band that at that time didn’t even have a debut album out. But they do now! ”THAT’S MISTER ATTACK TO YOU” is their pure fake GOLD debut album. (Please notice that the promo cover in no way does the finished product justice). Since then they played a packed, stacked and gobsmacked show at the Roskilde Festival.

As the album title might suggest Thee Attacks are not the sort of guys that restrain themselves. On the contrary: they are all about hard boiled attitude and catchy pop tunes. The back of the album cover displays the logo “Recorded in Aggressive mono” and that’s exactly what this is. It’s rock music with a strong retro vibe, but played with an intensity and glow which engulfs the listener and makes Tyler’s comparison with The Hives ring true. Musically the two groups aren’t two of a kind, but the raw nerve and the youthful energy makes Thee Attacks a strong competent and relevant contemporary band. Without pre-programmed beats, midi-keyboards, backing tracks and the like, this is where it’s at! Rock’n’roll anno 2010. As Liam Watson writes in the liner notes for the album:

”Once in a blue moon a new act emerges that makes a familiar but at the same time new sound... I call it DYNAMITE!!”

Thee Attacks deliver a manically driven powerhouse concert. Every time! On SxSW 2011 MOJO Magazine were so pleased with Thee Attacks’ performance that they put the band on MOJOs own SxSW 2011 Magnificent seven list.

In the beginning of 2012, the band will begin the recording of their second album. The release is expected to be set in the spring of 2012 so the band will be ready to rock the socks off the expectant crowd at the summer festivals.

Thee Attacks are here to rule!