The Ebogglyst

The Ebogglyst

 Moultrie, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

A biblical poet the ministers to youth and adults, helping to bring souls to Christ through his word.


Eric Irvin is an aspiring and talented biblical poet who displays his compassion for others by ministering to the youth. Also, his passion for hand-painting his signature graphics on clothes has drawn lots of attention from many fashion buffs. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey December 28, 1978 and is now currently residing in Moultrie, Georgia where he enjoys mingling with family and friends. He is presently taking college classes at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and works as a full-time cook. Eric enjoys ministering to people of different ages; nevertheless, his primary objective is to target the youth, especially because of the mounting peer pressure that is so prevalent among adolescence and their vulnerability to be easily influenced. With or without utilizing instruments or a band, his proclamation of the gospel is unique and very distinct, hi fact, after ministering at a youth retreat, one youth minister was so impressed that he quoted "He ministers the gospel and mostly biblical truths and principles in quotation, alliteration, symbols and allegory in poetic, rapper style with some soulish gospel style music." From the outset, the listeners will easily discern the difference in his music and feel the passion of his lyrics as the anointed word of God begins to massage their heart, permeate their mind, and woo them mto a deeper and closer relationship with Christ. When he is available, he is actively involved in the Colquitt County school system where he visits different schools to mentor at risk youths at the request of their teacher or principle. Moreover, during the end of the school year, he looks forward to the invitation from the high school to share his poetic gift with the students. This event provides him an opportunity to give the students a demonstration of his impromptu style to engage them in creating poetry with him. At the moment, he is currently working on the debut of his much anticipated CD which should be coming out very soon. The support that he has received from local churches and his home church (Heritage Church) has been remarkable. He now has a busy schedule to minister at various churches and youth events. The development of his musical style is a result of a lifetime of poetic influence. Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey he was surrounded with young street rappers all jockeying for the title to be labeled the best rapper. However, Eric discovered early on that it was difficult for him to conform to their style of music because of the abject profanity that spewed out of their mouth without a tinge of conscience. He realized that during those days that his music was different because it always had an element of scriptures intertwined with issues involving his life, global events, and life in general. After realizing that creating gospel poetry was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across New Jersey to reach the inner city youth. He believes unequivocally that biblical poetry emerges from the omnificence of the Holy Spirit and inspires him to produce the lyrical substance which is consistent with the biblical scriptures. This belief is what compels him to strive daily to fulfill his purpose.


151st Psalms