The Evolution Control Committee

The Evolution Control Committee


Since 1986, The Evolution Control Committee has steadily built a worldwide reputation as one of the world's influential and leading mash-up bands, assembling samples and sounds into cut-and-paste masterpieces.


Since 1986, The Evolution Control Committee has steadily built a worldwide reputation as one of the most influential and leading mash-up bands by assembling samples and sounds into cut-and-paste masterpieces. But the cut-and-paste doesn’t end there: Their Thimbletron invention allows for uniquely live cutting and pasting. And now the ECC once again breaks new ground with The Wheel Of Mashup. Two wheels, actually: the outer one chooses the music and the inner one chooses the vocals. The ECC’s incredible Vidimasher 3000 mashes them together instantly.

It’s illegal music, and long before computers made it easy to be a copyright criminal, The ECC was violating copyright laws the hard way.

KEYWORDS: Mashup, Culture Jamming, Circuit Bending, Copyright Violation, Mad Science

SOUNDS LIKE: Avalanches, Girl Talk, Negativland, Danger Mouse, John Oswald, People Like Us, The Bran Flakes



1. Ritalin Ruckus v2 (MP3 / CD-R, ECC) 2007
2. Weapons of Ass Destruction (CD-R, ECC) 2004
3. Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 (CD, Seeland Records) 2003
4. Cookbook Compilation 2002
5. A Refreshing Sound Recording of "DJ" Pantshead (CD-R, ECC) 1999
6. Rocked By Rape (7", Eerie Materials) 1998
7. Deconstructing Beck (CD Compilation, Illegal Art) 1998
8. Adventures In Modern Recording (CD Compilation, World Records) 1998
9. Gaga: Good Night, Sweet Audience (CD-R, ECC) 1998
10. Eerie Bazaar (CD Compilation, Eerie Materials) 1997
11. Subliminal (Cassette, ECC) 1996
12. The Whipped Cream Mixes (7", Eerie Materials) 1996
13. Double The Phat and Still Tasteless (CD, ECC) 1996
14. The Best Of Mind/Body (CD Compilation, unknown label) 1995
15. Mind/Body 3 (CD Compilation, unknown label) 1995
16. Jesus Carp, Son Of Cod (Wax Cylinder, ECC) 1994
17. Gunderphonic (Cassette, ECC) 1994
18. Music For Shopping (CD Compilation, World Records) 1994
19. 1-800-AMERICA (Cassette Compilation, RRRecords) 1994
20. The Mood Swingers: Live (Cassette, ECC) 1994
21. The Weird Love Makers (Cassette, Sophisticated Savage) 1994
22. How To Worship Mosquitos (Cassette Compilation, Eerie Materials) 1993
23. Stimulus And Response IV (Cassette Compilation, Exotique Music) 1993
24. MelloDeath (Cassette, ECC) 1993
25. Big Wyoming! (Cassette, ECC) 1992
26. Magnetic Filings II (Cassette Compilation, unknown label) 1992
27. Usenet Mind/Body, aka RMI CD Vol. 1 (CD Compilation, unknown label) 1992
28. The Mood Swingers: Kiss 'n' Jenny 'n' Up 'n' Down (Cassette, ECC) 1992
29. July 15th (1990) Live At Stache's (Cassette, ECC) 1991
30. The Last Mall (Cassette, ECC) 1991
31. Gaga (Cassette, ECC) 1991
32. The Mood Swingers: Girls (Cassette, ECC) 1991
33. Penis Demilo (Cassette, ECC) 1990
34. Buddha Bleach (Cassette, ECC) 1990
35. Jesu, Boy Of Man's Desiring (Cassette, ECC) 1989
36. Notes of Nihilistic Bliss (Cassette, ECC) 1988

Set List

#1: Our Wheel of Mashup show

Typical set time is 45 to 75 minutes. Since this is an improvised mash-up show, the set list is whatever combinations the audience spins on the wheel. But here's some combinations we like:

Led Zeppelin + Britney
DJ Format + Clear My Throat
Move Up! + Europa
MOP Ante Up + American Woman (+ Rush, etc.)
Violent Femmes + Tequila
Walter Wanderly + Promiscuous Girl
D-Lite + Running With The Devil
Black Sheep + Dire Straits + LaBelle + Blinded
Usher + Mr. Scruff
Fat Boys + Muppets
Let's Get Retarded + B-52's
Sweet Home Alabama + Express Yourself
Jay-Z + Stones "Gimme Shelter"
Green-Eyed Lady + Black-Eyed Peas
Fock It
Smells Like Art (of Noise)
Gay Bar + Lee Michaels
Frankenstein + Michael Jackson
Supertramp + Squarepusher

#2: The Thimbletron

Typical set time is 50 minutes.

Typical set list:
ECC Intro Video
Star Spangled Bologna
Spandau Filet
James Brownian Motion
Thimbletron demo video
The Fucking Moon
No Time