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Living One and Ten

Written By: EC Daddy

Living One and Ten
words and music by EC Daddy

She’s hooked on the drama
She’s a real drama mama
What she can’t beg for, she’ll borrow
And she’ll be back for more tomorrow
Cause she feeds off the sorrow
And she’s living it – one and ten
Take this crazy world out for a spin
Yeah she’s living it – one and ten
Close your eyes and then just jump in
He’s angry and bitter
Swears he could have been a winner
Lost control one night and hit her
His disease was never clearer
Now he’s the monster in the mirror
She digs on the party
Weed and booze turns her tawdry
Until her logic is faulty
(Now) she sees no hope in stopping
So she just gives away her body
Living a life in extremes
Is more like dying slowly it seems
It’s hard to find “in-between”
When you don’t even know what it means
She’s blind to the mirror
Doesn’t see she’s getting thinner
Bought into “Happiness means slimmer”
Now she’s lost the girl that was within her
The spark that once was in her eyes is getting dimmer
He thinks he’s entitled
Fell in love just cause she smiled
Then obsessed for quite a while
Let all his fantasies run wild
A grown up child in denial

They’re hooked on the drama –

© 2004 EC Daddy/Amethyst Records

Say It's Love

Written By: EC Daddy

You say you can’t stand to see me
Now, I say it’s love
You say I couldn’t be more annoying
Let’s say it’s love
We disagree about where to go at night
I say it’s love
I say “home” you say “out” – it starts a fight
Let’s say it’s love
I love you
You love me
Each day, I grow to love you even more
I know if you didn’t care
You’d just walk away
And I know I wasn’t really there
For you, every day
Say you’re angry and you hate my addict
Just say you’ll stay
Say you’re willing to fight for what this is
You tell me that I make you crazy
Now let’s say it’s love
There’s nothing you could say to faze me
Now let’s say it’s love
We push each other’s buttons daily
But, I say it’s love
You get angry, but you never fail me
Now let’s say it’s love
© 2004 EC Daddy/Amethyst Records