The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy

The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy


We're a post-punk trio from Battle Creek, MI. We sound like a bomb going off with a fat bassline over it.


Any accurate description of The Edgerton’s Pen Conspiracy should include the following words: rock n' roll. That said, the EPC capture a sound that is indeed rare. Mixing pop sensibility with indie credibility, their post-punk sound has been compared to that of Elvis Costello, The Cars, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and even The Cure, but no amount of comparisons can really define this sound.
The EPC make real rock music that even your dad could sing along to. The music is pure and sharp and the lyrics raw and insightful. Frontman Sean McMillan writes tender songs about girls, then blasts them with enough raw guitar to convince himself it's still 1977. Meanwhile, bassist Froi is hammering out a contrapuntal hot funk sundae, proving that rock can be both clever and fun. His classically trained but all-too-rock style transforms songs like I Can't See Straight and Tired of Love from simple rock tunes into unforgettable bass anthems. Drummer Jimmy Beckmeyer falls into the groove of a song and stays there. His beats hit with Froi's bass like clockwork, ultimately delivering an energetic yet wonderfully simplistic sound that won't let you forget that this is, indeed, only rock n' roll.



Written By: The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy

moonchild says she's got
a dark side i haven't seen
and that the sun will rise someday
but i don't know what she means
because for all i care
the sun could go away
and i could be with her
every night and day

you know she burns just as bright as the sun
but she's never seen the light of day
to show her that she's the one
to show her there's another way

moonchild sits on a hill
and waits for dawn to break
and thinks that maybe tomorrow
everything will be okay
yeah, you may be right
but the future's so unclear
and all i know tonight
is that we're both here


moonchild, the time is coming soon
when you'll have to say,
"baby, i need you,"
or, "baby, just go away."
but if the sun comes up
and you wanna disappear
come and find me baby
i'll be right here

(chorus x2)


Written By: The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy

you've got a long, long way to drive
if you feel like saying your goodbyes
or maybe you'd just rather let it go
there's no emotion when you cry
but i know there's a soul somewhere inside
well, maybe you just need a week or so

you tell me i'm crazy
well, that's a song we all know
and i won't take it easy
before i go out of control
underground, underground
i've seen enough
i'm crawling out
underground, underground
i gotta get ready
i gotta get ready to go

so many times i've tried to lie
i told the truth just to blow your mind
well, baby i've been waiting for so long
to say that times are bad, my friend, and so am i
and so are all the things i feel inside
well, maybe i'm just coming on too strong
fuck that


no more antibodies
no more antichrist
no more telling you it's alright
no more conversations
no more suicide
no more words to say but "goodbye"

Tired of Love

Written By: The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy

i'm walking slow 'cuz i'm so tired
i met a girl today and she set me on fire
i'm so uneasy now i'm breaking down
draggin' my feet all over this town

i'm tired
all right
i'm tired
yeah, yeah, yeah
i'm so tired of love

i think i've gotten her attention now
and made a good impression somehow
yeah it was such a solid first
but i know that the second and third will be worse

(chorus x2)

now i'm surrounded by the clutter
of a room so long neglected
but it's been hard to find the time these days
things have been oh so hectic



2003 - Transmission Moving LP

Set List

We usually play around 45 minutes to an hour, but can play longer (around 2 hours). We rarely do covers, but we've covered The Clash, Pavement, and The Rentals. Most of our current set is from our UNDERGROUND LP.