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The best kept secret in music


"Detroit area's Blend have a CD that is retail- and radio-ready."

Detroit area's Blend have a CD that is retail- and radio-ready. The band's songwriting craft and daring use of dynamics creates songs that are simultaneously unpredictable and accessible. Josh Clemens' vocals are honey smooth and he conveys ample emotion while navigating complex lyric lines. We hear Death Cab as well as Jeff Buckley in this blend, which mixes influences flawlessly while creating something a major label could get excited about. 8.2 out of 10 - Music Connection Magazine Vol. XXX, No. 9

"Blend offers new album, Rubbles show"

By Brian Manzullo
Staff Reporter
January 11, 2006

One Michigan quintet will bring its own blend of music to Mount Pleasant Thursday night.

The band, Blend, which formed in Royal Oak in 2003, will play at Rubbles on 112 W. Michigan at 10 p.m. Its music consists of mainly rock, but mixes many different genres of music to deliver its own unique sound. It released its first full-length record, “deadlines,” late last month.

The new album’s theme deals with the normal every-day life that many people experience.

“We’re all in our mid 20’s, figuring out what we want to do, and not having much of an idea,” Clements said. “There’s always pressure, whether you’re in high school, getting married, or doing a job.”

The album mixes strong vocals with strong instrumentals, and manages to give each song its own sound. While many tracks such as “Second Guessing” have a solid tempo, other songs like “Hamilton Street” give listeners a softer side of the band.

“It’s intelligent rock, with more bass and a tight rhythm section,” Band Manager Jon Ellison said.

Band members include lead vocalist Josh Clemens, guitarist Matt Diamond, keyboardist and backup vocalist Joe Moultrup, bassist Mike Schneider, and drummer Bobby Jankowski.

The members came together as remnants of the bands Rudderhead Lounge and Ebulition; local bands who broke up at around the same time. They met at Oakland University and began practicing together.

“Their music styles were very different,” Ellison said. “They just blended it all together, which was the main inspiration for the band’s name.”

Lead vocalist Josh Clemens remembers the beginning of Blend.

“We started with some practices, and it went all right,” he said. “Next thing I knew, we were doing shows together.”

“We didn’t have an agenda. We just enjoyed playing music.”

Bassist Mike Schneider hopes the band will reach further out of state to promote “deadlines.”

“We don’t have too much of a following yet,” Schneider said. “We’re hoping to tour outside of Michigan, maybe open up for bigger bands, because that would help us out a lot.” - Central Michigan Life

"A Voice to be Heard"

After the Muse-inspired first track, Deadlines wades into the crowded, lukewarm Blues Traveler / Maroon 5 / Dave Matthews waters. But Blend are a voice to be heard in that crowded miasma, with their soulful soft-rap vocals and funk-rock guitars. Not revolutionary, but certainly good for what it is. - SA - Real Detroit Weekly


Deadlines - 2006
1. Far Enough
2. Second Guessing
3. She Likes Me
4. Say Your Lines
5. Inside Out
6. Decisions by Five
7. Hamilton Street
8. Promises
9. Stand Still
10. Tell


Feeling a bit camera shy


Surrounded by music today that at its best is only trying to be a replica of something else.

'the {edit} concern' comes breaking through walls with sledgehammers and chaos.

Since forming in Detroit late 2003 (known then as the band Blend), theyve been playing shows of every manner while solving their own musical puzzles. The result was the December 2005 release of their album, Deadlines, a fresh new addition to a Detroit music scene that continues to explode. Describing what 'the {edit} concern' sounds like is a daunting task. If you can imagine Wilco taking a dance class with Jamiroquai, or Beck playing Yahtzee with Ben Folds while Thom Yorke slowly strums a guitar in the corner of the room, singing to no one in particular, youre in the vicinity of 'the {edit} concern'. The songs rage and whisper at the same time. They pick fights without apologizing. The lyrics are sincere, yet occasionally sarcastic.

The constant tug and pull within the music that 'the {edit} concern' writes is exactly what they want you to notice. The members of this band are writing about their lives, and everyones lives around them. And like life, the music is both unpredictable, and predictable. Its happy, and its sad. Its difficult, and its easy. Its a picture mirror of things exactly as they are.