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The Educataz

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The best kept secret in music


"The Educataz The relevent EP"

Local hip-hop music is flourishing in Bellingham thanks to a number of factors, including the group the Educataz.

The Educataz consists of two MCs (Adjectives and Whiplash) and one DJ (Idol Hands). They've been messing around with hip hop for about 5 years now, but recently have begun to take themselves more serious, performing shows, buying beats, and recording demos. Their latest demo, The Relevant EP, is a three-song disk with production coming from Idiot Pilot's Daniel Anderson, and Project Wilson's Camel Lite. When listening to their demo, one can't help but be surprised by the fact that this level of production is actually coming out of Bellingham. The beats are moving and crisp sounding, and the rhymes are syncopated, and quite relevant. The angle the Educataz take, or "style" if you will, is more of an all-inclusive, conscious approach to hip hop-they don't talk about being shot nine times, or telling girls they can lick their lollipops. Quite frankly, the Educataz are "keeping it real."

Highlights of the album can be found in many places, from the complimenting styles of Adjectives, and Whiplash's rhymes, to Idol Hands' quick and well-placed scratching, to the musicality of the beats.

I wished the vocal tracks on a the first two songs were turned down relative to the beat as to achieve a better overall mix of the songs, but other than that, I wish their demo was longer. I'll get my wish soon though, because The Educataz first full-length cd titled Selfish will be reaching local music shops soon. So, if you want to get educated on Bellingham's growing hip hop scene, then look for upcoming shows and cds from The Educataz. - Whats Up! Magazine

"The Educataz Selfish"

The Educataz put out a seven (eight) song album called "Selfish". Its awesome.
More? These guys are honest intelligent, moral, reflective, and keep their feelings about politics to themselves. With good rhymes to boot, nuff said.
Huh? GDit.
"Selfish" ironically shares a procession of increasingly complex songs. The intro is a fluttering keyboard peice that primes you to be hypnotized by the strongest part of the album: it's lyrics. "Britney" broadcasts real thoughts by real men in regards to hot but empty women right before "Enjoy the Ride" dismisses the politics of fear by restating the tautology the worlds problems are the worlds problems. The album ends with a track lyrically delivered in double time called "Floating Heads/ The Sean Mayernick Sax Crunk" that promises a follow-up by stating "I've been shown that you put meaning where you want it so put it here cause I've got tons of fun things to ponder."
Throughout the 30 minutes or so, various instruments contribute to the canned salmon beats, including keyboards on various settings with cello, saxaphone and possibly a clarinet. Sure they get the job done, but they leave you feeling like they didn't put up much of a fight when they were captured. In defense, the track has a hidden song with a much better beat. This song also displaya a different more confident Educataz crew.
All in all, this album is good. It could be better, but I reakon you ought to listen, and make sure to keep your eyes peeeled for more goodness. -Joseph Westover - Whats Up! Magazine


The Relevent EP - 2002
Selfish - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Educataz are Adjectives and Whiplash on rhymes and Idlehands on the 1200's.
Hailing from Bellingham Washington, the three rain soaked childhood friends
switched from consuming to creating conscious hip hop music during their high
school years and began performing at assemblies. The group felt it important to
portray, through their lyrics, that young males have more on their minds than
perpetuating materialistic stereotypes, however, this message is laced with a
clever sarcasm. By promoting a shameless humility, the educataz quickly
captured the hearts of the local Bellingham hip hop heads, and released the
relevent ep in 2002. In an attempt to expand, in the fall of 2004, the
group took their chances with middle America and traveled, via mobile home,
from the northwest to the north east. The mission involved hooking up with
Wesleyan University super producer Dave Ahl. In a short two months what was
created was a magnificent new twist on a classic hiphop-jazz fusion. The east
west collaboration produced the Selfish EP. Selfish is aimed at
traditional heads who love original lyricstyles, and music lovers in general who
will be unable to deny the brilliance behind this production.