The Eeries

The Eeries

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandBluesClassic Rock

Remember Nas' premier record "Illmatic"? Its like that with guitars.


We moved from Central New Jersey to philadelphia and started a band. We're all guitarists so we learned other instruments out of necessity. We really dig the back beat, man.


EP(D): CDR release. 6 songs limited to 50 copies

EP(C): Tape release. 4 songs limited to 50 copies

EP(A): Tape release. 5 songs, 2 presses (100 each)

TAPETAPE: Tape release. 4 songs 2 presses (100 each)

You Got The Moves (Cassingle): Tape release on Evil Weevil Records. 2 presses (1st press limited to 50 copies. 2nd limited to 100)

"...Comes Alive" 7": 4 song 7" release on evil weevil records. Limited to 500 copies

all tracks are available for streaming and some are on local college radio stations