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The Eeries

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Classic Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Douglas Martin’s Dirty Shoes: The Hissy Garage-Pop of The Eeries"

In the Internet era, where everything you ever needed to know about a band is a few clicks away, it’s almost refreshing that there’s very little information available on The Eeries. Here’s what we know: They’re a trio, they’re from Philadelphia, and they list The Beatles, Cult Ritual, and The Teeth as influences. It’s not that they’re trying to cultivate an air of mystique; their music carries the same jangle and shuffle as a band like Dr. Dog and is just as amiable. If anything, it seems as though the trio is too busy making music to promote it.
These days, lo-fi music is primarily an aesthetic choice, a defiant rejection of the easy accessibility of computer programs such as Pro Tools and Abelton which are made to help your records sound like you spent a million dollars to record it. For The Eeries, however, it seems more of a means to an end. Songs like “Johnny No” and “Ain’t it a Shame” are laconic garage-pop tunes with slurry vocals and tape hiss high in the mix, much like Brooklyn band The Beets, there’s an effortless pop sensibility and pitch-perfect harmonies that seems anachronistic. “Mavis” sounds like The Zombies on a 48-hour absinthe binge. When they speed up the tempo and up the jangle-factor on “Whoa”, they lock in on a groove that perfectly encapsulates the beachiness that most of the new bands in current indie rock fall short of.
In a landscape where droves of 60s-inspired bands are trying to prove they’re worth their weight in girl-group 45s, The Eeries flourish simply by playing it straight. - Passion of the Weiss

"The Eeries' lazy days tape"

Here's some more scruffy 21st century doo wop that'd make Del Shannon lull and roll in his grave, gently.

We recently covered an EP by The Eeries, and those played out some garage-minded mirages just as lazily and effortlessly, though it all rested on a slightly thinner down comforter than these warm, light-hearted dazes. - Impose Magazine

"The Eeries' good ol' garage"

Not enough perfectly lazy garage pop has graced my ears this summer, so The Eeries are a slow moving gust of musty old wind that came just in time to warm this chilly atmosphere. The July heat waves are over, so let's hear it for The Eeries.

The trio's from Philly and sound like the kind of backyard stool philosophers who'd get along fine with Queens pigeons the Beets or Ritchie Valens' zombie spirit, or a sizzurp'd Monster Mash block party since they're called The Eeries and have some album art that'd make a great B movie.

They have EPs for free down in their blog by the river here. - Impose Magazine


EP(D): CDR release. 6 songs limited to 50 copies

EP(C): Tape release. 4 songs limited to 50 copies

EP(A): Tape release. 5 songs, 2 presses (100 each)

TAPETAPE: Tape release. 4 songs 2 presses (100 each)

You Got The Moves (Cassingle): Tape release on Evil Weevil Records. 2 presses (1st press limited to 50 copies. 2nd limited to 100)

"...Comes Alive" 7": 4 song 7" release on evil weevil records. Limited to 500 copies

all tracks are available for streaming and some are on local college radio stations



We moved from Central New Jersey to philadelphia and started a band. We're all guitarists so we learned other instruments out of necessity. We really dig the back beat, man.