The Effects of Cable Television

The Effects of Cable Television


The Effects of Cable Television is a talented new American Folk Rock band with an original blend of traditional sounds featuring the upright bass, lap steel guitar, a driving beat, and entrancing vocals. Audiences either sing along or get lost in the tunes.


This Los Angeles based Americana Folk Rock band has a style all of its own. Hailing from Georgia and Montana the band, comprised of Jason Emery (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Brent Spann (guitar), Jeff Fuller (drums), and Don Caverly (bass), draw influence from artists such as Wilco, Bob Dylan, Neko Case, Neil Young, Dwight Yolkam, The Grateful Dead, and many more. Their evocative lyrics combine with an energetic sound to inspire and entertain audiences from all walks of life.

Having dabbled in a variety of styles while running from the musical tastes of their parents, they’ve come back confidently to embrace their country roots as well as the more recent influences. Acoustic guitar, upright bass, harmonica, steady percussion, lap steel and ambient electric guitar create a unique mix of traditional sounds and modern atmosphere. Jason Emery’s charming voice transitions from driving to insightful with ease, prompting audiences to either sing along or get lost in his sound.

Deeply honest with a lightly haunting sense of heart and humor, their music elicits a variety of emotional responses in their listeners, allowing them to connect with the music in every way. One fan commented that it’s music he “can walk the earth to�. Audiences from teens to baby boomers leave the shows with a sense that everything’s going to be okay.

Whether playing plugged-in with all four members, acoustic, or in any other arrangement, these big-hearted, down home boys put on a great show spilling over in energy and a contagious passion for music.


FXCTV is currently in the studio recording their first album.

Set List

Ashes of October
Swear to Me
Ill Tempered Waltz
The Bellwether
Songs in the Key of "F"
We're Not Friends
The Distant Spins
Safe Bets
Your Radio Station