The Egyptians

The Egyptians


The Egyptian music can be described as retro but ironically refreshing. Our music isn’t entirely rock nor is it pop I guess it sits somewhere in between the two. On reflection I suppose our music could be described as dynamic rock executed with melodic touches grit and compassion.


The band has gone through many tranformations over the years. It's a long story so I'll just tell you all about the current stuff such as Who are the Egyptians? Well, the answer is simple: Micky Steevo and his selected entourage. Song writer/ bassist Micky Steevo is much like Mick Hucknull in terms that he writes his own songs and gets the right personnel to participate in each new scenario. I was first spoon fed on listening to music from the “Trojan record volumes” through to Lou Armstrong and then onto bands such as “The Police”; “The Beatles”; “Hendrix”; ELO; The Cure etc. Despite of my many influences, I like to think that The Egyptians’ music has its own fresh sound that stands out from the usual. The band have gigged throughout London and beyond, at the various prestigious rock venues Such as the Rock Garden; Halfmoon in Putney; Kings Head Putney; the Thurrock Music festival in Essex, to name just a few. I’ve currently written an album worth of songs for my forthcoming album “Sgt Majors Maze”, 12 of which have already been recorded and mixed. I’m very excited about my recent work, it has something for everybody. the album is scheduled for release on the 5th of Nov 2007. Watch this space.


Farewell I'm Gone again

Written By: Micky steevo

2. Gone again

Doop bah doobee, do bah doobee doobee,
Doop bah doobee, do bah doobee doobee.

Stop messing around with my head.
You know I’m easily led.
I’ll figure it out in some old distant town.
I’ll find a brighter day. Please, please no delays.
Keep shaking me up, you keep me in touch that way.

Monies got to be made whatever vice we trade.
I’m mixing it up, I’m moving like Cassius clay.
I’ve done my best to succeed.
What more do ya need.
Please don’t be dismayed, I’ve chosen my life that way.

Doo bah doobe doobah doobe doobe

Say don’t be dismayed I’ve chosen my life that way.

Doop bah doobee, do bah doobee doobee doo.

Say don’t be dismayed, I’ve chosen my life that way.

Doop bah doobee, do bah doobee doobee doo

I guess you’re feeling drained, I know coz I’m to blame.
No sticking around.; No losing precious grounds.
Nomadic I’ll be famed, so call me Jessie James.
Along with my name, farewell I’m gone again.
Along with my name farewell I’m gone again. (x2)


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Set List

we do an hour set, featuring 13 to 14 songs. Typical line up : The bailiffs, Gone again, out of luck, the girl with the silver brown eyes, When you want to, Ruby saturn doll, Ivory mountain, Sgt majors' maze, southampton row, her love, Happy wedding blues, so long ago, can't find my feet. We aren't that keen on covers. To be honest we rather blow our own trumpet.