The Eighty 7s

The Eighty 7s

 New York City, New York, USA

Two parts 90s melodic pop and two parts ethereal, funky feel-good rock, helping you get over your allergies and fear of crowds.


The Eighty 7s are an NYC-based foursome fully formed in the summer of 2009. Drawing influence from such diverse acts as Kings of Leon, No Doubt, Suzanne Vega, and Fleetwood Mac, you have all the ingredients to turn the indie rock world on its head. Hailing from three boroughs, Hayley Smith (vocals), Ross Boykin (bass, vocals), Eric deLima Rubbe (drums, vocals), and Chris Bischoff (guitar, vocals, trumpet) have quickly gained attention for their infectious grooves, bubbling thick harmonies, and soaring pop melodies.

In less than a year’s time, this rapidly ascending quartet has played such legendary NYC venues as Crash Mansion, Arlene’s Grocery, and Trash Bar, and recently headlined at Sullivan Hall, taking home top honors at Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands. Their music has been licensed for film (Unscripted, 2010 – Matt Landry & Gabe Cohen) and they are currently the subject of The Line-Up (Alison Li) a documentary style show airing on NYC television. After several long months in the studio and on stage, they are set to release their first EP, creating music that is by turns moody and melancholic, buoyant and blissful. Heavy rock riffs counter shimmering, reverb-laden vocals that perch precariously on top of driving bass lines – all adding up to radio-ready anthems that stay in your head for weeks.

With the foundations of their recent success intact, The Eighty 7s are poised to make 2010 the year they drive their music home to new fans everywhere.



Written By: James Ross Boykin, Hayley Smith, Eric deLima Rubb, Christopher Bischoff

Can somebody please call 911
I've been shot by my lover with a smoking gun
All I really wanted was a little fun
But you can tell the police she's the only one for me

There's just one thing that I can't ignore
There's just one thing that I just want more
Of you.
From you I can't hide
From you
From you I can't hide
Call 911

Shot to the head
I lay on the floor
I look up at you
And beg you for more
Of you
From you I can't hide
From you
From you I can't hide
Call 911

I could of done right yes I could of done wrong
But if I didn't give a damn why do you think I'd write this song
But there's people you live for people you die for
People you steal for people you lie for
I just want to write my never-ending story
Reap the benefits and find yourselves in all the glory
‘Cause I could find myself in you
And I could do the things you want me to
Call 911


The Meeting

Written By: James Ross Boykin, Hayley Smith, Eric deLima Rubb, Christopher Bischoff

Don't do this don't do that
If it thrills you then it could kill you

But I need you I want you
To see me to feel me
I need you and I want you to
Hear me so feel me

Around here cause I see your face
And I hear that you’re every place
That I'd want to be
If I could just see you smile
Just every once in a while

Don't be late be on time
If you get yours then I could get mine

Cause every once in a while
I like to throw it away at times

Don't get caught they'll steal you
They'll hurt you and try to reveal you



The Eighty 7s EP (2010)
1. 911
2. The Meeting
3. Ballad of Frank and Iris
4. JAG
5. Way it Is
(available on ITunes and elsewhere in July, 2010)

Set List

End of the Line
The Factory
Driving Song
Ballad of Frank and Iris
Turn On
The Meeting
Love or Leave
Sun Child
Way It Is
Truth Be Told
Catch 22
Time Enough to Start a Fight
On and On

occasional covers:
Go Your Own Way
If Looks Could Kill
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart