The Eileen Tipping Band

The Eileen Tipping Band


Eileen’s soulful mix of jazz, blues, and folk/country is all about finding your center and holding it amid the blues and bliss of everyday life,( and giving somebody else a leg up when you can.)


Growing up listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, and a host of other blues and folk artists, Eileen learned that music was not only the food of the soul, but that it could be a catalyst for change as well. Music became a lifelong passion and when she found her own voice after the birth of he third child, her aim was to create songs that would touch hearts as well as stimulate minds.
Steve Kurtz has long been Eileen’s collaborator in music. His amazingly inventive and versatile guitar style creates a frame for each song.
Jack Loughead’s bass has also become an integral part of Eileen’s sound since he joined her in 2000. Like Steve, Jack is a consumate musician with years of experience in various blues and rock bands.
Tom Montgomery, whose wonderful accordion playing adds a perfect touch is a master keyboard player as well, who collaborates with Steve and Jack in their blues band “Woodshed Blues”
Adam Pasquale is one of the busiest young drummers in the business. We are pleased to have this talented young player in the roster!



Written By: Eileen Tipping

Eileen Tipping
c.1999- all rights reserved

Biddy girl, come and dance with me-
Put your red rouge on your cheeks
Pretty satin slippers upon your feet
Come to the Promenade.

Biddy girl, I’m not asking much-
A kind word and a gentle touch
I’ll keep you warm and you know you’re such
A very long way from home

Ireland seems like a place in my dreams
Since I sailed here over the sea
I work all day from the dawn to the dark
A slave in the land of the free.

Biddy girl, beggars cannot choose.
Tell me, what have you got to lose?
I’ll give you more love than you ever can use
If you come to the Promenade.

Ireland seems like a place in my dreams…

There’s them that say that they don’t care-
“I got three meals and a room downstairs-
It’s good enough for the likes of me.
I’m lonely but I’m free.”

If I marry the boy from County Down
He’ll buy me dresses and a house in town
And give me more babies than I ever can use.
What have I got to lose?

Ireland seems like a place in my dreams…

Biddy girl, come and dance with me
Put your red rouge on your cheeks
Pretty satin slippers upon your feet
Come to the Promenade…


Written By: Eileen Tipping


Hannah remembers the way that things looked
In her grandmother’s house on the hill
The big old front porch and the walls lined with books
And she wonders, is it standing still?
Her little aunt Lena, who drank milk and tea
And Ann, who sewed hats on the parlor setee-
And the day they all went to the cemetery.-
she remembers the long carriage ride
But she can’t recall whether she cried...

Hannah remembers how Grandfather paced
Back and forth cross the livingroom floor
And 91 years have never erased
The sound of that knock on the door.
Then all of the grownups were running around
She sat in the corner not making a sound
While the sad news was carried uphill and down
That mother and baby had died.-
But she can’t recall whether she cried...

Long ago and far away she can still remember
As if it were yesterday- 1906,

Hannah remembers the boy at the door
With his hat so absurdly askew
The wire- rimmed spectacle armor he wore
Over eyes of astonishing blue
The hours in the parlor to teach him to dance,
The breathless excursions to England and France,
And living each day on the ghost of a chance...
In the end, standing there by his side
but she can’t recall whether she cried...

Long ago and far away,
She can still remember
As if it were yesterday-
1962, December

Hannah lives comfortably in a flat
In a posh hotel down by the square.
She fills up her mornings with this and with that
Her excursions exceedingly rare
She watches the planes and the birds on the wing,
He made sure that she’d never want for an thing.
She remembers him now as she fingers her ring
And a great tear rolls down from her eye
As Hannah recalls how to cry..

Summer Kitchen

Written By: Eileen Tipping

Summer Kitchen
Eileen Tipping

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Sunlight streaming in
Staring at my morning coffee
With my hand on my chin-
I’m remembering
The feeling of your lips on my skin
And I’m wondering
Why I keep playing when I know that I can’t win.

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Watching the cat on the lawn
Spending all my time wishing
That you weren’t gone…
My life just rolls on and on
I wait from the dusk to the dawn
Sitting by my window with this candle on
Hoping you might come back
Knowing you won’t come back to me

The summer kitchen
The bed upstairs
Warm wine kisses in my hair
Your sleeping head on the pillow
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone?

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Grapes hanging on the vine
I’m gonna pack up my bags
And move on down the line
I must be right out of my mind
To think that I could leave you behind
Oh, but Baby, I’ve got to keep on trying
‘Cause I know you’ll never come back
Never gonna come back to me.

Sitting in the summer kitchen
All on my own
Sitting in the summer kitchen…Alone.

Howlin' at the Moon

Written By: Eileen Tipping

Howlin’ at the Moon

I am dancing in the rain on the blacktop, still warm from the heat of the day.

The halogen lights sparkle in the puddles as I splash my water ballet.
I’ve got a feeling in the pit of my belly- this time you’re gonna stay.

‘Cause when my love comes down on you, darlin’, you won’t ever go away.

I’m whirlin’ like a dervish, howlin’ at the moon
I’ve got a bet with the man behind the curtain says you’re gonna be home soon.
I’m hungry for your sweet lips, crazy as a loon.
But I will lay any bet, any odds I can get,
Tonight they’ll be playin’ our tune
I’m howlin’ at the moon-Oooooooh
I’m howlin’ at the moon-Oooooh

That rainy night I stood crying at the window as you left for the vast unknown.
You told me that you loved me but you had to go- didn’t know when you were coming home.
I left my light in the window. I left my lock off the door.
But I sent my heart along in your suitcase, ‘cause I wouldn’t need it anymore.


For years I heard rumors of your travels from the trees and the rocks and the streams.
They told me you had found the secret of life, and happiness, and liberty.
I have learned to be patient, I have learned to live alone,
But I have never given up believing that one day you would
come back home.


I Have Searched for You

Written By: Eileen Tipping

I Have Searched for You

This path could take me where I want to go~
or it could take me to the edge of darkness
Sometimes you just never know
Until you reach the end…

It’s not an easy trail to follow
But I like it better than the main road-
Lots of dips and curves and canyons
And those rock-bound trees
Blowing in the wind.

I have searched for you down alleys full of dreams,
On craggy mountain tops and by clear flowing streams.
You have been everything I have wanted from the start –
Why are we still apart?

I met a woman said she knew where you were -
Up in the mountains.
She could show me if I followed her
Through the dangerous, dangerous land.
When we arrived you were no longer there
She handed me a lock of your hair,
She said,”Dear Child, take care,beware!
He’s a dangerous,dangerous man”

I have searched for you…

I heard a rumor you were down by the sea,
Walking on water-
Living in a place of serenity
In between the sea and the sand..
I set out like a shot through the night
My heart was full and my hope was bright
But all I found in the dawn’s grey light
Were your footprints fading in the sand.

I have searched for you…

Cosmic Seek'n'Find

Written By: Eileen Tipping


Cosmic Seek`N’Find
Eileen Tipping

This is the Cosmic Seek'n’Find
Look ahead, look behind
Look for the fire behind the sky,
Look for the Lover behind the eye.

This is the Cosmic scavenger race
Find a name, find a face.
Find a reason, find a rhyme.
Find a place, find the time.

Twenty-one questions-answer none
Shot in the dark- loaded gun
Loaded question-face of the sun
Dance in a circle ‘til day is done
Dance in a circle ‘til night comes round
Dance ‘til your dancing shakes the ground
Dance ‘til the sun winks in the sky
Dance for the tear in the Cosmic Eye.


Twenty-one questions-answer none…

Game of choice,game of chance;
Roll the dice, learn to dance.
Never look Lady Luck in the eye-
You may see the Cosmic Tear she cries
The tear she cries
The tear she cries.

Copyright 1997-all rights reserved


LP -"Summer Kitchen" - 2007

LP - "Rough Cuts" - 1993

Set List

40 minute set:(all originals-generally 10 songs per 40 minute set, two sets per show)
Summer Kitchen
Flame Inside
I Believe
Against all odds
1/2 Decaf
I See The Moon
In the Deep

We do selected covers, but primarily perform originals