The Elders

The Elders


Amped-up, Irish/American roots rock, augmented with powerful vocals, blazing instrumentals and top-notch song writing.


Since forming in 1998, The Elders have set the American music scene on its ear, thanks to a skillful mix of amped-up roots rock, augmented with powerful vocals, blazing instrumentals and top-notch song writing.

The line up consists of a group of wicked-fine Kansas City musicians with a passion for Celtic music, and a charismatic Irishman with a love of all things American. This combination makes for cross-pollination that is high octane and progressive, yet rooted in tradition.

These six gentlemen collectively create original music that transcends & endures – music that is unaffected by fads, trends and the giant maw of mind-numbing commercialism. The songs are mystical, comical, political and cultural while covering a wide variety of topics such as poverty, civil war, family bonds, spirituality, love and friendship. They speak of generations of immigrants, and address their heritage through songs and stories of history, characters, places and events - some distant, some recent, some real and some imagined.

The Elders continuously attract capacity crowds throughout the US and abroad. Their fan base is ever-expanding, consisting of people of all ages, from all walks of life, many who follow the band from gig to gig, sometimes driving for hundreds of miles to see their energetic performances. One needs only to visit the fan mail page ( to see the extraordinary effect their music has on people.

The Elders are fronted by Ian Byrne from County Wicklow, and backed by guitarist Steve Phillips (The Rainmakers), bassist Norm Dahlor (Tommy Shaw Band), violinist Brent Hoad, drummer Tommy Sutherland, and keyboardist Joe Miquelon (Asleep at the Wheel.) All are well-known veteran musicians having played in numerous recording and touring bands before forming The Elders.

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Right with the World

Written By: Brent Hoad

When Everything’s Right with the World ©2006

When the river flows up to the mountain
When the crooked turn into the curled
There’ll be plenty too many for countin’ my friend
When everything’s right with the world

When we ride off into the sunset
When the hero comes home with the girl
We’ll be ridin’ with queens in their long limousines
When everything’s right with the world

Not a word will be spoken in anger
We will hold every loving cup high
We will look our old enemies straight in the eye
As we drink to you and I

When the presidents fold up and go home
When the flags of the battle are furled
We’ll tear down the temples of concrete and chrome
When everything’s right with the world

When the arrows all fall away harmless
And the slings have already been hurled
We’ll unravel the road that we traveled from home
When everything’s right with the world

When the rumor turns into a reason
And the ghosts of rebellion have swirled
We won’t need any proof to follow the truth
When everything’s right with the World

Someday Soon

Written By: Brent Hoad

Someday Soon

Someday soon will come the day we’ll do what heroes do
Someday soon will be time to tell the story
How we hoisted up the sails boys what else could we do
Set the wheel between the sky and the glory

Someday soon I’ll find the kin that I’m suppose to be
If the whiskey and the cigarettes don’t get me first
Someday soon you’ll be as free as the ghost of Henry Lee
And you’ll find the man to drown that mighty thirst.

A thousand miles from any land
Rebels each and every man
What else are we good for but laying down in vain
Someone said the king was dead they put a price on every head
Never are we goin’ back again

Someday soon I’ll be home in that County Wicklow town
Someday soon the queen will never find me
If we make it all the way we’ll collect a little pay
Keep a bullet in my pocket to remind me

We’ll be at home in the promise land
Just like the one that I had planned
Be pullin’ on the line my friend there’s weather off the bow
You’re telling me the end was near goin’ on now twenty years
But here we are still standing some how
Here we are still standing some how

Cousin Charlie

Written By: Brent Hoad, Steve Phillips

Cousin Charlie ©2006

It doesn’t go any further than this room
No fly on the wall will ever know
You know what they say you only dressed in grey
And a sign from you could seal a man’s doom
Your help for a widow would dry away her tears
And the legend only grew with the passing of the years

Cousin Charlie won’t you tell us a story
Of criminals and days in the wars
Tell us all about the heroes high wide and tall
That would lay down and die for the cause
Cousin Charlie won’t you tell about it all

Now they say you kept it under the radar
The business was all underground
With the help of twenty martyrs and some friends overseas
They could turn this country around
There was blood before it’s done it’s always hit and run
When it got from bad to worse the curse was reversed

So now you’ve settled down in that sleepy little town
The heart of mother Ireland to surround you
Did you ever exist could you do more than this
My friend we were lucky just to find you
You were slippery as a whale escaped from Lincoln Gaol
And somehow you’re still here to tell us the tale


2000 CD "The Elders"
2002 CD "Pass it on Down"
2004 CD "American Wake"
2004 CD "The Best Crowd We Ever Had!" (Live)
2005 CD/DVD "Live at the Gem Theater" (Live)
2006 CD "Racing the Tide"

Set List

100 min set / or two 75 min sets

Racing the Tide
Saint Brendan had a Boat
Haverty Boys
Buzzz's Jig
Cousin Charlie
American Wake
It’ll Be Alright
Love of the Century
Moore Street Girls
Gonna Take a Miracle
Green & Gold
Dig Me a Hole
Story of a Fish
Saint Kevin
Men of Erin
Right with the World
Hard Line
Send a Prayer
Fire in Hole
Devils Tongue
Ten Pound Earhole
Dear God
Message from the Battle Zone
Banshee Cry
Ballymun Road
Turning Point
Keepin' the Faith

Fisherman’s Blues
Galway Girl
Message in a Bottle
Michael's Ride
Turnpike (tradition fiddle tune)