The Electric Cougars
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The Electric Cougars

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"They're so new they haven't even been reviewed yet."


We released our record today, November 5th. On this site. We haven't played a live show in over 3 years and that was in a band completely different from this.

Will we be ready come March? Sure. If we could conquer a post Rolling Stones show across the street from Soldier Field with an audience of over 700, this will be no sweat.

Plus we've got 2 months of gigs to work out the kinks. - That Guy


LP - Maximum Minimalism.

Mixed by Nick "The Maestro" DeMille



Our list of demands:

1.Drums & Bass are the two loudest, ear quaking things put on this earth by the man upstairs above the bowling alley. This why we play them, this is why we play them loud.

2. We don't believe in guitar players. They are pompous, demand way to much attention and all should be thrown in a snake pit with killer bees.

3. Casiotone. If it involves keyboards and doesn't come from a 1982 Casiotone, it's not worth putting in your sound hole.

4. 138 bpm. That's the magic number. It's where hip shaking, beer flinging, full body convulsions occur.

5. The history of The Electric Cougars. After the break up of one of Chicago's perennial favorite honky tonk bands, The Back Hill Sinners, we decided to burn everything down and start over. There's only so much George Jones you can play.

After our new studio flooded twice, a mixer was crushed by a inebriated bookshelf, and a computer's sudden combustion, we recorded
Maximum Minimalism in 4 days, mixed it in 2 and mastered it in under 10 hours. It's 22 minutes of sheer bass punk blues with a few short pauses for air.

6. If we were more interesting, like if we'd been born in a hurricane or could snort lightening from a jar, we'd mention it here.