The Electric Boa

The Electric Boa

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Well, if "Ziggy Stardust"(David Bowie) wrote songs for The Black Crowes; it would sound like us!
From "boogie-woogie" to The Beach Boys and "HELL YEAH" to love songs, we got it covered like a big woman on a toilet!


With a comfortably familiar sound, "The Electric Boa" is comprised of four musicians who wanted to take a step back away from todays computer generated white-wash of music. Alluding to mid to the mid 70's feel with modern undertones, the hooks, lyrics and overall musicianship intrigues and takes you to a time when music was still fun(you can sing and move to this, folks!). The 13 track CD "Candy-Coated Cyanide" was recorded/produced at alilr Studios in Philadelphia by Derek Chafin and mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk studios in New York.


The Electric Boa - "Candy-Coated Cyanide" 2010

Set List

Tweekerville Blues
ACE 1-3-5
Ya Happy?
Rotten Peach
Cutoffs n Cameltoe
Down 2 Me
Ink In My Skin
Terror on the Reservation