The Electric Boogaloo
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The Electric Boogaloo

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"3.3.11 | The Electric Boogaloo, Old Shoe, Raoul Duke, Barefoot Fred, Elfkowitz"

Words & Photos by Frazier

"At this point, I honestly would have had a difficult time voting. All three of the bands I had seen were all fantastic in their own way. But the final band would clear things up for me in a hurry...

For up last was The Electric Boogaloo. And even although I had never seen one of their shows, I felt like I had a good grasp on the quality of their sound just based on the fact that I have seen most of the members play in other bands that I enjoy. But for my taste, this was the finest performance I had seen from any of these guys yet. This was simply the most robust, mature, and well-developed sound of the evening. They had this prog rock-upon-jamband energy that was incredible to me. Mike Cantella and Alex Blackshere laid down the bricks of the foundation-- solid, dense, and ready. Then Doug Ferdinand and Neal O'Hara filled in all the crevices--and even laid out some nice landscaping--with their keys/synths. But then, the guitar duo of Mike Sonnefeldt and Igor Voltchenko showed up and just built the whole fucking house. A mansion too. Barefoot Fred and Old Shoe both had fantastic dual guitar mingling. But Boogaloo was on a completely different planet. Sonnefeldt and Voltchenko had pinpoint chemistry and created supreme harmonies that towered over the crowd like some mythical beast. I'm reticient to say this--and I don't dare invoke the names of the masters without good reason--but these guys had a Bayliss-Cinninger type of thing going on.

About three quarters of the way through their set, after I snapped myself out of a jammed-out stupor, I turned around to cast my vote. Everybody had been awesome; there seriously wasn't a bad apple in the bunch. I thought all of the bands could certainly play at Summercamp, but in my eyes, there was one clear winner... and they were the ones still playing. The Electric Boogaloo won my vote emphatically, and frankly, I thought for certain they were going to win. But when the announcer crowned Barefoot Fred the winner, I was momentarily shocked. And then I remembered... their fans came out in droves to stuff the ballot box. Which isn't a bad thing. I voted differently, after seeing all of the bands, but I'm stoked for Barefoot Fred. They were very good and I think they will fit in perfectly at Summercamp. And now I will try even harder to catch their set!" -


Live @ Mayne Stage Theatre (11/23/2011)

1. Gineal>
2. Happy Robots
3. I Robot>
4. I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You
5. Reasons>
6. Ace
7. Left Me Here
8. Sigmund>
9. A Familiar Place>
10. Sigmund

Live @ Reggie's Music Joint (6/27/2011)

1. Strangejuice>
2. The Hungarian
3. Kravit>
4. Risk>
5. The Cruise
6. Sigmund
7. Down On Me

"2010 Sampler" (2010) - Recorded at Dubvox Studio Services

1. Kravit! {6:10}
2. Down on Me {4:38}
3. Sigmund I {3:41}
4. Sigmund II {6:48}



The Electric Boogaloo is a 6-piece funk/progressive/fusion band that has been evolving in the Chicagoland area since 2004. In this time, the band has created a concert experience that speaks to people of all ages and cultures through rhythm. The music is visceral, yet intellectual, mixing complex arrangements and harmonies with funk inspired grooves and smooth textures. All of these qualities, as well as a penchant for improvisation lend The Electric Boogaloo an edge in today's music scene, opening channels for mutual exchange between the audience and the performer. Their compositional techniques illustrate a deviation from symmetrical "Rock" and "Pop" stylings, directly opposing the idea that there is a set formula for musical enjoyment. The Boogaloo strives to institute a paradigm shift within the "jam" genre by consistently changing the perception of how a band must operate and communicate with its audience.

In the last year The Electric Boogaloo has seen significant progress; making it's first festival appearances this past summer (Whippersnap, Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering, Jammin' on the Wolf & Shoe Fest).

They've shared the bill with regional acts such as Mr. Blotto, This Must Be The Band, and Family Groove Company, as well as national touring acts Future Rock, The Big Wu, Great American Taxi and The Kyle Hollingsworth Band. Furthermore, the Boogaloo has also been playing at many reputable venues all across Chicago such as Mayne Stage, The Kinetic Playground, The Abbey Pub, Reggie's Music Joint, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen and The Double Door.

The addition of both a second keyboardist and a second guitarist have provided for a greater level of complexity and specialization within the music. The debut of the 6 piece Boogaloo at the 2011 Summer Camp: On The Road Tour at the Abbey Pub in Chicago drew a rave review from which can be found here:

As a new era in the world of The Electric Boogaloo begins to unfold, the band is looking to expand their dedicated fan base locally and regionally.