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The Electric Mess

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk




"Shindig! CD Review (excerpt)"

Wide range of influences, but it sure ain't a mess...a very tight unit
with a bunch of strong tunes possessing a fine melodic edge...
(Crow's) tuneful vocals a major asset...songs are sufficiently strong
and original to avoid any accusations of pastiche"

- Shindig!

"Rock Around the Blog, Portugal"

The Electric Mess is a new band from NYC, formed in 2007, is constituted by the vocalist Chip Fontaine (aka Esther Crow), Oweinama Biu in Organ, guitar and vocals, Dan Crow on guitar, Derek Davidson in the bass and Craig Rogers in drums, that during these years made the learning on the stages of the U.S., until the release of this debut album, a "st", mixed by David Horowitz from The Above and mastered by Ivan Julian, a record mostly influenced by the sounds from the more primitive period of the "British Invasion", whilst also focusing on the "garage-punk" and in the "pop" more psychedelic, styles from which they arise throughout the instrumental presence of the sharp organ, the “fuzz´s” from the guitars, until the explosions of the bass and the rhythmic beats of cymbals, which in conjunction with the perfect voice, echo of authenticity the sounds produced by this band. From the album stand themes like "You’ve Become a Witch" and "Trash Talking Woman" that energetically open the record, being accompanied by top songs like “It’s Been a Long Journey”, “Mondo Bongo” and "Simone". Not being exclusive The Electric Mess stand the uniqueness in this huge constellation of sound that surrounds us and, as a debut album, could not be better. This is a record too valuable, to remain hidden. -

"Short and Sweet NYC CD Review"

o you want to be transported back to the groovy 60’s era? The dynamic and funkadelic band The Electric Mess has the ability to transport you back in time. Their new self-titled album is a sound that is unheard of these days. With an “Austin Powers” psychedelic innuendo there is no way not to be interested in these guys. Giving the album a chance has possible side effects of dancing, doing the twist or having random impulses to go surfing. The band has the style of Brit Rockers, bringing the fashion back. The album is a full-bodied sound that explodes upon impact. Instrumentals are powerful and something of a different generation. There are sounds that belong to instruments that are hard to identify but are very dimensional for the time period. The band is led by lead singer Chip Fontaine, whose name is set up for fame. The songs are funky with lyrics like “I looked around for a pair of pants, but all I found were some crumbs and ants.” There is absolutely nothing normal here and I wouldn’t want it any other way. -

"Huffington Post CD Review"

Back in November of 2008, I ran a piece about the Electric Mess. Take a look HERE. This band knocked me out from the very first day I saw them perform live and I have been waiting patiently for the record. Well, the debut release has arrived and it does not disappoint. This is The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The MC5, The Shangri-Las, The Stooges and The Who, all wrapped up in one. Check them out at THE ELECTRICMESS.COM and BUY THIS RECORD. - Huffington Post

"All-Music Guide"

The Electric Mess are a garage band from New York City who sound like they were mysteriously left off the Nuggets box set through a clerical error, even though they recorded their debut album in 2009, not 1966. As period authentic as the Electric Mess sound, anyone who has spent much time listening to garage revival bands knows that getting the old-school sound isn't half as important as having good songs and the ability to rock out, and thankfully the Electric Mess have hit the trifecta -- they have the vintage approach and feel, they can write great songs, and the band isn't afraid to hit ‘em hard and make the music move. Lead guitarist Dan Crowe has a raw, scrappy sound that fills out the melodies and makes room for feedback and distortion that give his playing a strong personality, and keyboard man/utility player Oweinama Biu conjures up a moody and elemental sounds from his Farfisa and adds some tasty musical seasoning on sitar and second guitar. Bassist Derek Davidson and drummer Craig Rogers are a powerful, steady-rollin' rhythm section, and lead singer Chip Fontaine is a real discovery. Fontaine is actually Esther Crow making like a guy, but while her voice is clearly in a female register, she belts with a swagger and sneer that would do Sky Saxon or Sean Bonniwell proud and knows just what to do with these songs. And fine songs they are -- "You've Become a Witch" is a new spin on a classic garage rock theme, "Mondo Bongo" is revved-up exotica deluxe, "She Has a Funny Walk" is a memorable tribute to a memorable gal, and "Remember to Forget Today" shows this band can downshift into something poppier and still connect. Anyone who wonders if there's anything left to be said on the garage revival scene ought to give the Electric Mess' debut a listen -- this record proves there's plenty of fresh life to be plugged into the old frameworks if you've the right kind of talent and energy, and that's just what the Electric Mess bring to the table. - All-Music


The Electric Mess (s/t) -
All 13 tracks have received radio airplay, both in the U.S. (including KROQ, "Nights with Alice Cooper" (syndicated radio show), Sirius/XM Radio (Little Steven's Underground), and abroad in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. All-Music Guide 4 out of 5 stars.

"You've Become a Witch/Trash Talkin' Woman 7"
(Rowed Out Records)

Recording follow-up album Fall 2011



Since forming in the Summer of 2007, THE ELECTRIC MESS has developed into a tight and exciting live rock
n' roll band. Led by an androgynous and dynamic lead singer, they combine elements of British Invasion, 60's garage-punk,
surf rock, psychedelic pop, and R&B while maintaining a contemporary sound.

All-Music Guide has said this about their debut album: “...proves there's plenty of fresh life to be plugged into the old frameworks if you've the right kind of talent and energy, and that's just what the Electric Mess bring to the table.”

Since its release in early 2010, all 13 songs collectively have received radio play on stations across the U.S., including Sirius/XM Radio (Little Steven’s Underground), Rodney Bingen-heimer’s Rodney on the Roq (KROQ, 106.7 Los Angeles), Nights with Alice Cooper (syndicated radio show), WFMU, Pandora Radio, and many international radio shows across Europe, including France, Britain, Spain, and Germany, and have also appeared on numerous “Best of 2010” lists. THE ELECTRIC MESS has been touring the U.S. and Canada and have played showed with such bands as ? and The Mysterians, The Love Me Nots, The Insomniacs, and The Paul Collins Beat, and are preparing to record their follow-up album Fall 2011.