The Electric Moonshine Band

The Electric Moonshine Band


Cosmic-Cornfield-Space-Rock is the first thing that comes to mind. This band is a strange concoction that came to be by the melding of 3 distinct musical backgrounds: Andy was a wandering singer-sonwriter, Joey a bass player for a prog-rock band, and Travis, well what can be said about Travis...


The band began it's life in the fall of 2005 when singer-songwriter Andy Behlen met up with two outstanding musicians from his very small hometown of Schulenburg, TX. Joey Gilliam had just moved there from Houston where he played bass in the progressive-rock band Dieselwig. Travis Jasek had been playing drums almost all his life and credits Chris Layton as his inspiration to begin drumming.

The music they began to create together touched on all these backgrounds. The melodic bass lines produced by Joey seem to be the glue that holds everything together. "Since Joey is so creative and flowing on bass, it allows me to approach the guitar from a little different perspective," remarks Behlen, "They(Joey and Travis) don't really even need me. They sound awesome just by themselves. What I provide musically can really be just described as texture."

Lyrically, the songs are tales of emotionally disturbed characters from the fringe of society("Man On The Moon", "Devil Child"), philosophical questions("Who Am I", "Turn It Up"), and strange stream-of-consciousness ramblings("Untitled #2").

Andy sums it all up the best my saying, "I just want people to hear my story. I don't have an agenda, I don't have a huge ego, I just want people to hear my story, thats all."


Man On The Moon

Written By: Andy Behlen

18 wheels and a carton of reds
80 miles an hour
and a curve up ahead
Got a son in the pen
for a sin in the bed
and no money at home
to feed the kids

Theres a man on the moon
and no food at home
what you gonna do
I say we all get stoned
We're shooting them rockets
way up in the air
But we're all starvin' man
We're all starvin' down here

Car in the garage
is all thats left
of a childhood dream
of racing them cars for kicks
the most he ever lost
was a hundred dollar bet
against a Chevy Chevelle
with a posi-trac kit


Now the youngest son
Can't go to school
Cause he's white-trash middle-class
turning tools
he knew 9/16
before 2+2
and now the rich man son
gonna tell him what to do


Raining In Austin

Written By: Andy Behlen

The helicopter came
and landed on the bridge
to take some woman away
seems she took a fall
off one of them cliffs
guess it just wasn't her day
then the pigs came out
came out of the woods
to take my buddy away
I know it might be against the law
but getting high
oh it ain't no sin

Well this a-highway
has seen my footprint
for too many miles
and theres a never ending line
of those green city limit signs
yeah the neon lights
and the motel rooms
Lord they've a-tortured my mind
but I got a bottle put away
for a rainy day and its
Raining in Austin tonight

From Mexican beaches
to the Llano Estacado
and everything in between
Driving down old Hwy. 21
I've seen way to many pine trees
In Dallas I drank more
than I made
Almost had a family in Centerville
worked in Caldwell for a little while
But I never could pay the bills
or fight the pills


these 4 walls will never hold me in
seems I just been chasing the wind
and the ghost in my '65 Twin
is my only friend
Is she gonna be there
when I get to Austin
Is she gonna be there
when I get to Austin
Is she gonna be there
when I get to Austin


Purple Dress

Written By: Andy Behlen

My baby wears a purple dress
an I think she might try to impress
Help me Jesus I'm a going to hell
this is just a little too much to bear

I seen her out at the juke joint last night
She was messing with some other guy
How the hell can you do that to me
what you think it just makes me full of melancholy

Come on babe I try to give you everything
I buy you clothes, roses, necklace, and a diamond ring
Tel me what you need, what you need, what you need, what you need
One single man just ain't good enough for you

Is he your lover or just a friend
come on baby oh let me in
did he touch you did he make you feel good
did he touch you like the way I do?
My baby wears a purple dress
an I think she might try to impress
I'll forgive her but I won't forget no
My baby wears a purple dress


My baby wears a purple dress
My baby wears a purple dress
My baby wears a purple dress
My baby wears a purple dress

Now theres a big ole hole in her chest


"Ashes In The Sand" is an EP that Andy Behlen recorded in 2005 and is yet to be released.

"Roadrash" is a live album the band recorded earlier this year and is also yet to be released.

Many tracks from both of these albums are available for download at, our MySpace page,, and on Some of their songs have been played on internet radio stations like The Texas Blues Cafe.

Set List

For an hour-long set, typically we'll play(not in any order):

Man On The Moon
Raining in Austin
Who Am I
Turn It Up
Devil Child
Untitled #1
Untitled #2
Story Of My Life
John The Baptist(by T.P. Catron)
Hey Momma
Ashes In The Sand