the electric owls

the electric owls


Dark, noisy, sexy punk rock n' roll duo. Primitive minimal punk thrown through delays and effects for maximum noise and danceability. Not for softies.


Three months ago we got together in the hopes of creating music that is scary and moody as much as it is fun and engaging. The constraint of having a two-person band requires that arrangements be minimal and that some parts are looped through delay pedals. While some may find this a constraint, it was in this case a method of becoming more creative. As a result of this approach, we have since our birth written 20 or so songs.

Rather than throw a few songs together and immediately play shows and make websites, we decided instead to hone our attack (and proper use of delay pedals), writing songs and practising to perform better as a duo.

After self-producing and recording an EP for release in March we are now looking play shows. Live shows, like our personalities and our music, promise to be scary, goofy, and chaotic.

Influences: Wire, The Birthday Party, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, The Stooges


call it the electric owls

Written By: the electric owls

there's no rhyme or reason to our clothes and hair/we're perched in trees up high just staring at the robots/this is the soundtrack to a riot of pretentious indie kids/call it the electric owls

your mind and we fall apart

Written By: the electric owls

we'll have a freestyle match/ under the bright lights/ and face off with AK-47s/ under the night lights/ I'm having trouble seeing/ from the glare of the neon/ and I'm having trouble breathing/ the air is full of freon yeah/ the air is fucking cold and my young lungs/ are feeling mighty old and they'll break/
we'll shed our lizard skin/ to find the snake within/ and burn our stolen guns and clothes/ in a bottle of gin/ I'm having trouble living/ with the death around me/ and I'm having trouble hating/ with the love that surrounds me yeah/ the love of young and old/ they say my future's bought and sold/ and it's fate
the future's fucking cold and my young brains/ are turning into mould/ and they'll flake

on waivers

Written By: the electric owls

what I've earned is less a couple of weeks/ expression won't contain that I'm inside the revolving door/ which way does it turn and do I move left or right/ and where do I find the ejector seat

say goodbye to the clock

I find it different in the daytime/ I've lost the room I get lost in/ equations and chemicals and elements are now depressing/ a tasteless lemming, a child regressing

say goodbye to the clock

deposit and withdrawal

Written By: the electric owls

I don't think I can take any more deposits or withdrawals/ it's not worth spending energy to watch the millions crawl/ I think that I'll pull out the gun I've held for all this time and point it right/ and take the money in her till/ and with the gun to her head/ I'll make a bankrobber out of her/she'll learn

my 1000 watt bulb is burned out/ and there's no tungsten bullets/ I'd like to show some incandescence as they open up the safe/ and I go in and clean it out/ and I lock in the cast and crew/ and we're heroes for 10 short minutes/ we'll run

and I chose right/as if someone was watching over me/while I waited in line


Written By: the electric owls

you've got a lot of makeup on but those are good genes/ you lend yourself to blushing and emotional scenes/ I think I'm starting to show/you think you're starting to faint/ I thin it's time to start life but you still think there's a taint

the walls have gone high/ the walls are so thin/ the walls are burning up because they're covered in gin/ a smack on the back/ a sick little grin/ a textbook respsonse to original sin

my guns have gone purple/ my guns have gone grey/ the cage has a sweet tooth/ the birds won't stay/ be good to your TV/ be good to your mom/ be good to existence/ you'll never have one


EP: the electric owls hate EPs.
4 songs (your mind and we fall apart - I've found a way to tear a hole - rats - signed D.C.)
LP coming in early summer.

Set List

call it the electric owls - 1:30
your mind and we fall apart - 3:30
she's growing freckles - 3:00
on waivers - 3:00
existahnce - 2:45
deposit and withdrawal - 2:30
signed D.C. (Love cover) - 3:00
rats - 1:45
my mind is on a marathon... I think it started again - 4:30