The Electric Rag Band

The Electric Rag Band

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Roots Music that Rocks! Bring your dancing shoes and your smile! Get us some whiskey, dear!


After 20 years, 5 albums, and countless shows, The Electric Rag Band is going stronger than ever and constantly evolving.  This Tulsa based guitar driven rock and roll duo draws on many styles of American music of the last 100 years -- Blues, Ragtime, Rockabilly, Folk, Punk and everything in between.  Their unique and varied style makes it pretty hard to draw comparisons to other bands.  They are extremely energetic, the songs are catchy, and the band is tight. Musicianship is at the forefront of what they do and crowds respond. Their latest CD, "The Esoteric Ramblings of" was released in February, 2013. They regularly tour in the central US. Their new album "My Side" is due out this fall.



Written By: Pat Cook

Well I was rollin’ down the road in the ‘55
When she snuck up behind me then along by my side
A sharp new coupe built down low to the ground
Lookin’ real sharp not making a sound
So I kicked it in and she did too
Mine was roarin’, hers’ was smooth
But I quickly, pulled away
But if you think this race is over
I think its time to play

So I shut her down and I pulled in to a little place I know
A hoppin’ little joint where everybody goes
A ragtime band, shakin’ up the place
Charleston dancers right in my face
But about that time she come in
She walked up to me and she said are you him
And is that your ‘55
But if you think this race is over
Why don’t you meet me outside

So I followed her on out after I finished my beer
And I said, what do you want from me, my dear
And she said, you think that small block’s real hot
Yea, I got one that’l stop your clock
So why don’t you follow me back to my place
We’ll get ‘em out and have a real race
And if you win, you can have your way
But if you think this race is over
Think what you want, that’s okay

So I followed her out to her place, it wasn’t too far
And she opened the garage door, and I saw the car
’63 split window red Corvette, 327 4-speed
Enough to make me sweat
But about that time comin’ out her door was a mean daddy with a 44
And I said, baby, I’ll be on my way
But if you think this race is over
I’ll be back someday

Well I jumped in the ’55, it fired right up
I stomped it down, and I dropped the clutch
Gravel and bullets flying everywhere
I’m not a prayin’ man, but I could sure use a prayer
But about that time, it was just my luck
I saw the Corvette’s lights pop up
And man he was coming after me
But if you think this race is over
We’ll just wait and see

Well the ’55 was running good, I thanked her again
But it wasn’t quite enough the Corvette was closin’ in
Down across the bottom doing 125
I was trying to figure desperately how to stay alive
And by that time I’d had my fill
I saw lights flashin’ on the hill
It was a sight I was never glad to see
But if you think this race is over
Now the cops are chasin’ me

Well the ‘vette shut ‘er down and I did too
Turnin’ at the crossroad was the only thing to do
I went left, so he went right
But the cop picked me on that dreadful night
And as the ’55 began to knock, I came across a roadblock
And now I need money, for my bail
But if you think this race is over
Wait‘l I get out of jail


The Electric Rag Band -- 1996
Too Tight -- 1998
...finest ingredients -- 2001
If You Got Some -- 2009

Set List

Sets vary depending on the venue. 100+ songs to choose from. Usually feature 1/2 to 3/4 originals, although we do play all original shows. The covers we do play are generally obscure and are more like adaptions that are quite different than the original versions.