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The Electrocult

Band EDM Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Newest EP"

"Their 4 track mini CD is a fine debut of 80's style electronica in the tradition of the Cure and Gary Numan. The songs are crafted with some nice hooks, especially the opener - Disappearing Act, and the Bauhausian closer - Lovesick Nation" - Dave Clarke - Scene Magazine

"The Electrocult Rock London Ontario"

Friday the 13th brought no bad luck to Club Dissent (formerly The Rage) this year. In fact, just the opposite. Patrons had enough good fortune to catch three very excellent live acts. Ayria, Psyche and London’s own goth-glam-rock quartet, The Fetish Masquerade (Now known as The Electrocult). The Electrocult started off the night with a very energetic set, opening with the zealous “Blackest of Hearts”. All four put on quite a driven performance. As usual the boys did a great job of getting the crowd worked into a dancing, writhing frenzy in no time. The only setback of the act happened when Owen, one of the groups multi-talented guitarist/bassists, had a bit of trouble with a guitar cutting in and out, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the punishment The Electrocults instruments endure during their lively acts. The problem was quickly remedied and didn’t slow the group down a bit. Dave Stanich poured himself into his lyrics and delivered them to us with passion and enthusiasm of a manic madman. This was rivalled only by the same level of dark, growling guitars of Kurt Beaton and Owen MacKinder and the melodies of Amos' keys. The four lay into the audience and didn’t relent until they could play no more and fell all over each other (and their poor instruments) in exhaustion. - Rob Stearns - London Indie


"UP to our Knees in Programmed Blood", Self released EP, copywrite 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Every member of the band is heavily influenced by both rock and roll and electronic dance/electronica. Without the incorporation of a live drummer, having a set of songs that contains the presence of an intense rock and roll act and a techno dance group is not easy to pull off. Although, it has been proven by The Electrocult in many cities throughout Ontario that it certainly is not an impossible feat.
The band is also heavily influenced from Japanese rock acts and fashion (J-rock), incorporating some of the eccentric japanese style into the music and image.

The band now resides in London Ontario after five years of growth in a small town called Midland - branching out to bigger cities. The band has now lived in London for 2 years.

With the new EP titled "Up to my knees in programmed blood", The Electrocult storm accross Ontario with their lightning bolts of Rock and roll.