The Elegance

The Elegance

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

We are young, hard working, determined musicians with a passion for music. We play what we love to play, we set goals for every show to be better than the last, and we won't stop doing what we love. We have a hard hitting sound that will have you singing along and provoking an emotional connection.


The band originally formed in October of 2010. After the hard separations of Danny and Matt’s previous bands, the two formed together to seek out a new direction in their musical endeavours. The new ideas were different from the usual hardcore riffs that are often expected in Calgary’s music scene today; the sound was lighter to the common ear, but continued to prove to be more emotionally in-tune. Andre Urquidi and Chase Myles of Matt’s previous band, as well as Curtis Lefthand soon filled in the missing gaps. Andre and Matt found ties in their musical direction, and Curtis’ high screams created a new vibe. The blend of Curtis’ intense screams and the catchy pop-punk beat became identifiable, setting The Elegance apart. The band suffered a set-back when Chase decided to leave the band, but quickly recovered with the addition of Austin Warren who proved to be a well kept secret with a definitive style. The band continued to write, and soon inducted Connor Leo as a second vocalist covering the clean singing. As the writing period progressed it eventually was accepted that the style did not call for enough distorted vocals to require a second vocalist. With mutual love and respect, Curtis parted ways from the band. The Elegance had confidence that this group would be the final line-up, and dug deep into finding their unique style upon writing their debut EP “Return.” Today, the band has recently returned from recording their debut with their friend and Producer Joshua Barber and will be releasing the EP in the late winter of 2012. Built upon grounds of hard hitting pop music and presenting new elements of song writing for their fans, The Elegance are to be watched out for in the coming year.


Our debut EP "Return" will be dropping in April.
Two singles from the EP have been released on our Facebook page.

Set List

Whats & Nothings
Sick At Home
You Say
No Conditions
Longing To Leave