The Element Music Group

The Element Music Group


The Element Music Group (EMG) is a hot new urban alternative band in Las Vegas, NV. With an electrifying performance of R&B, HipHop, Rock, Reggae, and Blues, EMG's unique sound has taken this genre to a whole new level. It is a show you must experience to believe!


The Element Music Group's (EMG) unique talent base covers a broad spectrum of music to include reggae, blues, R&B, hip hop, and pop.

EMG's first release single, "Smile", is dedicated to the fight against domestic abuse and 10% of the proceeds are donated to various shelters around the Las Vegas area.



Written By: Lloyd "L" Rhoden and Lawrence "Camino" Wade

Chorus: 1x          
He don't like your smile
He  love to see you with a frown                            
You ain't been loved in a while                                          
Tell me why you still hanging around                                                                                                     

You live right next door to me we did things together
Hold hands skipped school together
What ever you wanted I gave you girl cause you was my friend
That include everythingthing like all of my ends
I found out you had a man I caught an attitude
Three months later found out that you was pregnant by dude
He said things was gonna get better in 2004
And the same old shit he keep hitting you more
He anit really right ma just cut him loose
too beautiful in and out for domestic abuse
I been telling you for so many years
and everytime you cried I was there to catch your tears
When you turned 21 we was the first to hit the bar
Until dude got drunk and bust the windows out the car
I told you to leave dude ass alone
And when he got drunk kicked you right out of the home                                                                                                                                                                               


You're his private dancer, dancer for money
Do what he want you to do
But damn you so cute that's the same excuse
I guess you really liking domestic abuse
You should have got me cause you wouldn't got cheating
How you put up with the lies and all of the beating
Adultery with the kids and all the deceiving
He gonna hit you one day 'til your body stop breathing
He pay all the bills that must be the reason
better pack ur bags hurry up and start leaving
I don't understand how u put up wit the blues
I'm afriad to turn on the tv see u on the news
For everybody out there with the same life story
Wake up and pay attention cause its just on Maury
And remember I feel your pain and
I hear the thunder, I see the rain 

Chorus: 1x

Bridge: 4x 
Your his private dancer dancer for money do what he want you to do 


Sound of A Man
Under Cover Pimpin'

Set List

Typical sets are 45 minutes to an hour long and include:
Sound of A Man
Undercover Pimpin
Think You Know
Be My Lover
Get Drunk