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"4/26/2005 3 Rivers Music Festival"

There's sure to be a number of you who were first introduced to The Elements when they opened for Kanye West at the Colonial Center. Begun as a high school club, The Elements originally sought to teach its members about the elements of hip-hop, including emceeing, dancing, deejaying, graffiti art, poetry, singing, and more. Born from the concept was the group featuring Mikhael Sampson, his brother and some friends. They admit that their sound is a throwback, boasting classic beats and thought-provoking rhymes.

Kevin Langston - Free Times

"4/11/07 Hip-hop artist captivates crowd at Koger Center"

Four out of five stars

Koger Center's ambience doesn't really say "rap show." In fact, the garnet walls and cushioned seats seem more like they say "awards ceremony" than anything else. Luckily, no one told Lupe Fiasco that, and the result was a performance with more style and flow than old Koger's probably seen in a while.

After more than enough delays, Fiasco took the stage amidst the thankful shouts of a crowd that was more than ready to get the show going.

Fiasco waltzed onto the stage with so much charm and swagger you'd think he'd been controlling crowds for decades.

"I promise you, by the end of the night, you'll be fully aware of who I am," said Fiasco behind a pair of dark shades.

To make up for lost time, Fiasco and his backup launched into a few of his feature spots on Kanye West tracks like "Touch the Sky." After a quick introduction, the crowd was in for a "crash course" on the fundamentals of Lupe Fiasco.

This little course involved a quick series of tracks from Fiasco's less heard mixtapes, including an impressive rip through the Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." that honestly sounded better than De La Soul's original mix.

Once the crowd seemed ready to go, Fiasco pushed into newer material. His performance of "I Gotcha" was thankfully true to the original but just fresh enough to distinguish itself as an individual live performance.

Fiasco could have come to the stage and performed his latest album "Food & Liquor" straight through without any variation or charm. A lot of performers obviously do it and get away with it all the time. Instead, he took the nobler route and kept the crowd guessing.

From mixtapes to chart successes, Fiasco owned the crowd. Even those who hadn't known who he really was were ready to stand up and obey after just a few songs. When he stopped to tell a story between tracks, the crowd was more than willing to listen.

The original openers, Gym Class Heroes, had to cancel because of a sick band member. However, replacement opener, The Elements, got the crowd warmed up with more hip-hop know-how than a local group has any right to have. The Elements knew their stuff and were better suited to open for Fiasco anyway.

Luckily, with the Heroes' absence, a lot of people got a better chance to meet the real star of the show - Fiasco.

Fiasco doesn't get as much airplay as he deserves. This might be because of popular opinion, or maybe it's because his style doesn't match the "no substance but jewelry and cars" style that's dominating popular rap. His live performance is proof enough that Fiasco will be sticking around the rap game, whether the rap game realizes it or not.

Fiasco charmed the crowd in an instant, grabbed new fans in a second and rapped with a sincerity rarely heard in years.

Tyler Mobley
Issue date: 4/11/07
Section: The Mix - The Daily Gamecock

"4/13/06 Sound Bites"

Preach Jacobs hosts an evening of hip-hop and soul featuring his group, Kindablu, alongside Butterfly Brown and The Elements. Brown is a female vocalist in the neo-soul tradition of Lauryn Hill, while Kindablu and The Elements manifest hip-hop of substance that avoids the trappings of misogyny and hedonism. DJ Prince Ice will also be making an appearance.

Kevin Langston - Free Times

"4/28/06 Sound Bites"

Begun in 2002 as part of a club at Richland NE High School, The Elements are a collective of five young men who observe and celebrate the culture of hip-hop by promoting what they identify as its nine core elements, including emceeing, deejaying, dancing, poetry, singing, and graffiti art. Theirs is a throwback to the Golden Era of hip-hop when lyrics weren't so concerned with the hedonistic and misogynistic exploits of many of today's top acts. Instead, their music and words are about empowerment and enlightenment. Perhaps we shouldn't weep for the future, after all. This late performance celebrates the release of their debut, One Night.

Kevin Langston - Free Times

"5/18/2006 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic Premiers June 21, 2006"

5 Dollar Bill Open Mic Premiers June 21, 2006

5 Dollar Bill Open Mic; Jammin Java; June 21, 2006, 8pm-10pm. Come sing, rap, spit, dance, perform, any and all types of music. Fellowship with other artists and network with music execs. See for more information.

(PRWEB) June 17, 2006 -- On June 21, be ready for the debut of South Carolina’s premier open mic. Whether you are an artist, producer, music executive, or a fan, the 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic is the place for you to be. Driven by over 10 years of music industry experience, the 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic is the only open mic that welcomes all forms of music and talent. Moreover, the 5 Dollar Bill and the ora of Jammin Java create a vibe that encourages a positive and healthy environment. (

Beyond showcasing talent, the June 21, 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic will also feature live performances by The River Kamp and Lethal. The River Kamp features Jab-Judah, M-Beezy, Kay G, A.D., and V-Stu. All South Carolina natives, the River Kamp is a group of talented artists and producers. Now promoting their 2006 mix tape release, "Down By The River: Mixtape Vol.1", the River Kamp will be headlining the first ever 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic. Accompanying the River Kamp will be Lethal, one of South Carolina’s premier female emcees. With concert appearances all over the southeast, Lethal brings tenacity and versatility to each performance. She has also just released an audio project.

The 5 Dollar Bill Open Mic is presented by ROYALTY Media Group, Sweatbox Entertainment, Inc. and The Look Entertainment, LLC. The 5 Dollar Bill Affiliates include: Sweatbox Entertainment, The Look Entertainment, Streetside Records, HR Entertainment, 3D, Lyoness Entertainment, and The River Kamp.

Jammin Java is located on 1530 Main Street in Columbia, SC. The open mic will begin at 8pm on June 21, 2006. Successive showcases will follow each 3rd Wednesday of the month: (July 19 and August 16, 2006.)

ROYALTY Media Group: R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. Media Group is a company specializing in music, management, image consultation, public relations, event planning and marketing. Created and operated by four women of color, R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. seeks to provide professional and creative services for the many facets of entertainment.

The Look, LLC: The Look, LLC is the home of Columbia based hip hop connoisseurs- The Elements. In a day and age where hip-hop is in a constant war between cookie-cutter commercial artists and those that choose to explore their own uniqueness, the Elements strive to be the pure definition of a throwback hot beats and hot rhymes that also make you think. The Elements consist of Mikhael Sampson (Mike S.The Prophet 13), Kevin Sampson (The Visual Kid), Tim Cokely (T-Coke), Brian Conner (Open Mike), and Marcus Thomas (Soul Speak). Each member possesses a unique style and brings their own element to the table.

Sweatbox Entertainment, Inc: Sweatbox Entertainment is home to artists such as Odysee, Hannibal, Likwuid Styelz, Sacrifyce, and super producer MidiMarc. The Columbia based record label encompasses great music and a host of well seasoned entertainers.

Lyoness Entertainment, LLC: Lyoness Entertainment, LLC is an organization that believes in entertaining and uplifting through the arts. Included in this organization are comedians, artists, and various forms of entertainers. Angela Hunter is the President and founder of Lyoness Entertainment. Lyoness Entertainment, LLC is a brand new organization, and is just launching.

The River Kamp: For more information, please see

"4/3/2008 Download This Section"

Not many acts in Columbia’s hip-hop scene are properly groomed and ready for national attention. It’s hard to find local rap artists with a professionally produced cd and even more rare to find them opening for international acts. Going against the trend, Columbia natives The Elements accomplished both on several occasions - opening for the likes of Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and 112 (just to name a few). These guys are as polished as your uncle’s Sunday best, and their new mixtape “Get on the Elevator” is the proper follow-up to the group’s acclaimed debut “One Night.” Check them out for free: and Preach Jacobs - Black News



"GET ON THE ELEVATOR" VOLUME 1 (of the ELEVATORMUSIK pre-releases) - SPRING 2008 The LOOK Entertainment Release, Available for FREE Download @ and

"MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE MIX-TAPE" - 2007 The LOOK Entertainment and Ice Cold Productions Release, Available for Listen and Free Download @

"ONE NIGHT" - 2005 The LOOK Entertainment Release, Available for Listen and Purchase @ and

"WHAT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR VOLUME 1 MIX TAPE" - 2004 The LOOK Entertainment Release, Available for Purchase @



Hip-Hop is a culture that thrives on self-expression and individuality and emceeing is an art form created to add a voice to that self-expression and individuality. This is the mindset that Mikhael Sampson had when he started The Elements at Richland Northeast High School in 2002. This originally was the first high school hip-hop club in Columbia, SC. The mission of The Elements was to teach and promote the nine elements of hip-hop in a positive way through emceeing, dancing, deejaying, graffiti art, poetry, and singing. The most influential part of The Elements was a group of six emcees which included Mikhael, who took on the name Mike S. the Prophet 13. After graduating from high school in 2003 The Elements rap group was reconstructed with his brother and some of their friends. The Elements now consists of Mikhael Sampson (Mike S.The Prophet 13), Kevin Sampson (The Visual Kid), Tim Cokley (T-Coke), Brian Conner (Open Mike), and Marcus Thomas (Soul Speak). Each member possesses a unique style and brings their own element to the table.

The Elements liken themselves to those founding fathers of the hip-hop culture that utilized their music not only as a way to move the crowd, but also as a way to release bent up pressure and deliver a powerful message. In a day and age where hip-hop is in a constant war between cookie-cutter commercial artists and those that choose to explore their own uniqueness, the Elements strive to be the pure definition of a throwback hot beats and hot rhymes that also make you think.

This mixture of energy and a positive message has earned the Elements many opportunities. They have performed locally throughout Columbia and at such events as Columbia's own Apollo Talent Competition, The Hype in Birmingham, Alabama at the University of Alabama Birmingham, the Coca-Cola Jam Fest (where they took first prize), "Non Stop Hip-Hop Live" at the New Brookland Tavern, the University of South Carolina's Late Night Carolina several times, the University of South Carolinas Battle of the Bands, becoming the first hip-hop act to win (not an easy feat to say the least), the College of Charleston, the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Columbia College, Benedict College, Furman University, Parallel Worlds (an artistic soul event), and the Three Rivers Music Festival. The Elements most recently penned a song for Alveda King the daughter of A.D. King, the brother of the late Dr. Martin Luther King and performed for the King family in Atlanta, GA. The group has also opened for such well-known national recording artists as Kanye West, 112, Kutless, Chingy, Arrested Development, and Lupe Fiasco.

The Elements are a mixture of the many styles of hip-hop sound but they have an uncanny ability to blend them together seamlessly. Currently, the Elements are hard at work on their sophomore project as well as a 3 part Pre-release series entitled "Get on the Elevator" and blazing whatever stage they can step foot on in and out of state.