The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

 Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA

"The singer has a distinct voice, the group has a pretty distinct sound, and you can tell they love to make definitely displays the talent and versatility they have as a four-piece. Musicianship, admirable songwriting, hooks, communally mindful lyrics, control, fun..." - 95.9 Maria Mar


The Elephant in the Room are a rare breed of progressive rock meets enjoyable pop. Fusing all styles of music and manipulating influences into one cohesive and original sound, The Elephant in the Room consciously prides itself in creating a new and positive sound that inspires the individual.

Founded on mutual respect and admiration for each others talent, the band has been working extremely hard. Their self released LP produced by Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter is slated to be released this August [2013]. The band has fought long and hard to gain the attention of their peer's, now you will see what their hard work and dedication has inspired.

Set List

This is madness,This is politics
Time Tells Tall Tales
Mistaken for a Zombie
Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades
Will you ever know what it feels like,to be alone
Tim Burton
Evil is a point of view
Confidence killed the cat
Makers Mark
Ghost of self-esteem