The Eli Story

The Eli Story

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Eli Story is influenced by bands such as The Cars, okgo, and Guster . They always grab the rooms attention with their power pop drive, melodic song writing and lollipop sweet harmonies.


The Eli Story is a power pop trio from Chicago, Illinois. Their respect for collaboration, love for melodic songwriting, and utter lack of dignity make for a quirky rock formula that embodies their mission to always take their music seriously but
never themselves.

Each member brings to the table diverse influences and backgrounds resulting in a sound fueled with energy, drive, and catchy hooks. Lyrically, every song tells a unique story that can evoke laughter with one line and break a heart with the next.

These four ordinary guys, drummer, Mike Bruder, Bass player/leadvocalist/lyricist, Eddie Paul,
guitarist/keyboardist/back-up vocalist, Michael Gouwens, and lead guitarist/back-up vocalist, Dylan Lower, feel lucky to have the opportunity to share their music with the world.

Since the spring of 2006, The Eli Story has been delivering an energetic live stage show filled with musical balance, tight harmonies, and a little humor for good measure. They are currently in the studio working on a new EP to be released in March 2012.


The Eli Story EP
Self Titled-Released in 2009

songs can be heard at:

The Eli Story's second EP is scheduled for release in March 2012

Set List

We can play 2 sets, each set ranging 45min-1hr in length

Typical Set List:
1. Hear me
2. Imperfections
3. Giver or Taker
4. Guitar Boy
5. First Cry
6. The March Is On
7. One More Excuse
8. 8 Planes in 7 Days
9. New Love
10. Keep Away
11. 4th Place
12. Average Man

Our favorite cover songs thus far:
1. Buddy Holly-Everyday
2. The Cars-Just What I Needed
3. Johnny Cash-Cindy
4. Billy Idol-Dancing With Myself
5. The Kinks