The Elliots

The Elliots


The Elliots are three boys and one girl from Belfast. We make hook-laden, melody-driven indie-pop at its best, the kind that evokes the first smell of summer, the wild-eyed optimism and hope that puts a spring in the step and carnal thoughts in the mind. This is music from the heart, for the heart!


We're The Elliots from Belfast. We are a four-piece indie-pop band.

Alan(Vox and Guitar)
Lisa(Drums and Vox)
Ronnie(Guitar and Vox)
Steve(Bass and Vox)

We've been together a little over a year now. We won Music Quest 06 in the Island Arts Centre. We've played showcases for BelFEST, NING and headline gigs for GIFTED in The Empire. We've supported bands like The View, 1990's and Delays.

Gram Parsons taught us how to write songs and The Pixies taught us how to play guitar!


Seventeen (Demo) - Radio Ulster Airplay
Arches (Demo) - Radio Ulster Airplay
Torch Song (Demo) - Radio 1 Airplay

Set List

Sweet Little Girl
On A Saturday
Way With Words
Something To Write
Angels In The Architecture
Missing Piece
Torch Song

We usually play 40 minute sets
All original material - no covers!