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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Locals Pool Talent"

The following is an excerpt from an article about the band's first music video for the song "Coma" official video release.

"With the angst-ridden plea “Lie to Me,” the chorus claws its way from the tempered pocket of the song’s body. Soft and supple harmonies backed by melodic guitar morph into the howling cry for deceit.

In a narrative of the video, “Coma” tells the story of a young couple in love about to start a life together when suddenly, like many unfledged relationships, one person changes course, leaving the other to stare blankly into a face they no longer recognize.

Throughout the video, viewers are led on a voyeuristic journey within the mind of the tormented lover as well as the disoriented and confused heartbreaker."

"The significance of the shift from light to dark is also manifested in [the band's] music and presentation."

"Tracks like “Circles,” catch fire with a tribal drumbeat and rhythmic tempo that delivers a crunch without losing sight of the musicianship."

"Even on the track “Away,” which comes at you like a starving refugee at an all-night buffet, the pulse and emotion is natural, raw and able to pummel the drivel forced upon us via radio and MTV." - Beaches Leader, Staff writer Liza Mitchell


Deconstruction EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


The compelling allure of The Embraced was first noticed in Jacksonville -- a sedate community of Florida. Though the precise origins remain murky, The Embrace’s heady mixture contains distinctive vocals cut liberally into spirals of melody, mood and rhythm.

The Embraced’s intelligent bewitching melodies can innervate the consciousness and pull the psyche into the dark intimate places where the perfectly sane never visit.

Even those in the music industry are not immune. After exposure to The Embraced’s three dose demo Paul Phillips (lead guitarist of Puddle of Mudd) specifically requested The Embraced for his band’s Jacksonville show.

The demand for The Embraced continues to spread unchecked throughout the southeast. Confirmed sightings include the WARPED TOUR, Planet Fest, the concerts of Puddle Of Mudd, Lit, Shinedown, Seven Mary Three, Social Burn, South FM, Local H, Saliva, and more. In August of 2005, the band's first full performance with a new line-up, in 8 months was to a 700+ audience opening for 30 Seconds to Mars.

Alarmed authorities urge the public to stay tuned to the shrink-wrapped safety of MTV, warbling rockers, bouncing bassists and energetic metal rappers.

The Embraced prepares for a new chapter in their story as they record their first full length album with Limp Bizkit bassist Sam Rivers. Expect the record this spring. As one of their trademark songs warns, "No one is safe in here,"

Management: Jenna Martinez