The Embrassibles

The Embrassibles

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New Orleans Brass the other way around; jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul combined into one new sound. Heavy brass the way it's invented for! Embrace the Brass!


In the beginning of the year 2007 Luc Gooren had the idea to form a brass band. After listening to bands like the Youngblood Brass Band, Dirtydozen Brass Band and Hot 8 Brass Band he had become so enthusiastic about their musical style he wanted to play it himself. After asking a number of other musicians to join the band, the basis was formed.

Now, The Embrassibles is a group of snugly musicians with a fancy for ‘Heavy Brass’. Consisting of two trumpets, two trombones, two alto and one tenor saxophone, a sousaphone, drums, percussion and a rapper, we mix jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul in an overwhelming way to a crackle total. Sometimes sensitive, sometimes using sledgehammers. It sure is difficult to resist!

The Embrassibles, Embrace the Brass!


CD "Embrace the Brass" released August 2012

1) De Reden
2) Getting Started
3) Stoned Ages
4) L.
5) Next Episode
6) Deep Water, High Notes
Bonustrack: Wie houdt Linda tegen? (feat. Discipline)