The Embroidery

The Embroidery


Living somewhere in the branches between psychedelic indie folk and good ol' Americana, The Embroidery delights and mystifies while spinning acoustic grooves. Fans of Gillian Welch, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and Yonder Mountain String Band -- wake up to The Embroidery's embroidered call!


The Embroidery began as freelance music critic Ari Messer's storytelling-meets-indie-bluegrass project, upon his return from an MFA Creative Writing program in Scotland. Members came together from other much-loved San Francisco bands (Freakwagon, Ula, Bell Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys...), desiring to work on a more complicated and, at the same time, more fun project than previous bands had allowed. Highlighted by male-female vocals harmonies, quirky lyrics, and original acoustic grooves, The Embroidery is like a breath of clean, colored air in the smog of Americana cover-bands. People dance and listen -- at the same time! We have drawn over 100 people to our first, private gigs so far.

Set List

Mostly all originals - a typical 1 1/2 hr. set includes about 10 songs, with a cover by Cat Power or Gillian Welch thrown in at the end.