The Emerald Lizards

The Emerald Lizards


Combining 60's inspired garage rock, surf twang, bluesy swagger, and manic punk energy, Chicago's own Emerald Lizards have arrived to re-inject the Roll into Rock!


Band History:
The Emerald Lizards won Chicago's Metromix Rock and Vote contest in 2006, and were featured in a spot on Metromix TV and a live appearance at mobfest. They have been featured on the Loop's Half Time show with Erin Carman, WLUW's Razor and Die Show, and WRLR's Jstreet Radio. They have played many venues around the midwest including such prestigious Chicago venues as The Metro, The Note, Martyrs and the Subterranean.

Band Bios:
Howling frontman Ayman Samman has his roots in the deep underground of Egyptian Heavy Metal. He played his first concert in front of 7000 rock-starved metal maniacs in Cairo, with only $3 and a free pack of cigarettes from the concert's sponsors to his name! Between banging his head like a man possessed, and evading the ire of fundamentalists, Ayman cultivated his love of all genres of Rock and Blues. He came to America in the mid-nineties where he fronted two Chicago Metal outfits, Sign of Chaos and Signal Intent, before joining the Lizard fold. The Emerald Lizards provide him the perfect opportunity to show off his vocal gifts and crowd galvanizing stage presence.

Charismatic guitar slinger Chip Medema's eclectic passion for disparate greats such as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Elvis, John Lee Hooker and Duane Eddy, has been filtered through his twisted imagination to emerge under his fingers, providing a backdrop for his technicolor blues.

Enigmatic wildman Brian Gay wears his punk/indie credentials on his sleeve, having swung his axe in such bands as Government Issue, Savage Beliefs, The Watchmen, Buzzmuscle, and The Indicators. Though seemingly mild mannered, on stage he explodes with rabid intensity.

Ladies love "Chairman" Jason Adams, who provides the smooth and steady bottom end that makes it easy for them to move their feet. Jason also blows a mean harp from time to time. Besides laying it down with the Lizards, Jason is also an accomplished purveyor of improv comedy, performing regularly with the Chicago improv group Sciatica.

Wisecracking skin pounder Josh "the fro" Smith credits his manic drum style to a steady diet of Zeppelin, the Who, CCR, Pantera, Metallica, corn nuts, and chewing tobacco. Josh and Chip were high school buddies, and shared their first band experiences all the while making fun of the questionable musical tastes of their classmates.

Chip, Brian, and Jason initially started the band on a whim, in order to play some Link Wray covers at an open mic night. However, it soon became apparent that they wanted to create something more permanent. Josh and Ayman round out the ensemble and add the extra "something" that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.


EP - Incredible Piss Takes, 2006
Track 1: Make You Mine
Track 2: Let em' Be
Track 3: Out of Bed
Track 4: She Said

Electric Earthquake, 2006
Track 1: The Emerald Lizard
Track 2: Make You Mine
Track 3: One of Those
Track 4: I wont let you...
Track 5: Mistake (Vampire)
Track 6: Can't Let You Go
Track 7: Out of Bed
Track 8: 17
Track 9: She Said
Track 10: Let em' Be

Set List

The Emerald Lizard
Black Widow/Rumble
C'Mon Everybody
Make you mine
Outa bed
Sick and Tired
One of those
Can't Let you Go
She Said
Let Em’ Be