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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Great rocker"

Great rocker
we are listening
Selected "THE FINALIST" at we are in 2006

"Vocal delivery great. Cool retro sound, powerful and catchy. Can't
understand words so hard to evaluate. Good sections, make musical
- Steve Williams

"Great rocker! Excellent guitar riff! It's familiar in a 60s-ish kind of way, but yet EXTREMELY modern. I have no idea what the Japanese lyrics are saying in the verses, but it sure sounds great to
me! In any case, the repetitive "talk about love" chorus is a well-crafted payoff -- very satisfying indeed amidst the complexity of the riffs, rhythms, and the fast-moving Japanese lyric. Fine work
- John Stevens

"Interesting vocals, rock guitar sound is fun, very familiar and
trendy yet also unique with the vocals."
- Dory Benami,

"Original.. made me and the kids laugh out loud!"
- Charlie Mole

"Great punk production. Is this in English? Good song form with
sections that change just as we become used to them. Just the right
amount of repetition. The verse 'chanting' could be the symbol of
this song that people love, or what alienates listeners."
- Andrea Stolpe,


2004/08 First Mini Album "TALK ABOUT LOVE"
2005/05 Maxi Single "Surfing Baby"
2008/09 First Full Album "Love is Rolling"



Formed in 2002, The Emeralds are a 3-piece Rock 'n' Roll band from Yokohama, Japan. With their charismatic guitarist/vocalist Kazuya, their aggressive bassist Osuke, and their hottest drummer Akio, The Emeralds have impressed audiences both in their native Japan and abroad. With respect to the Rock 'n' Roll giants of the 70s and 80s, The Emeralds perform solid rock music with lighting fast vocals and high energy.Now the buzz about The Emeralds is increasing intensity, where not only the U.S are talking about, or playing the band's music, but radio stations in Europe and Central America are now playing their music. Along with the exposure, the band's fan base is increasing in numbers all over the
The Emeralds are definitely creating momentum with their strong R&R music.

2004/03 SXSW2004
2005/03 SXSW2005 and US Tour
2005/10 Nemo Music Festival in Boston
2005/11 US tour
2006/03 SXSW2006 and US Tour
2006/09 Ssamzie Sound Festival in Korea
2007/03 Canadian Music Week
2007/03 SXSW2007 and US tour
2007/09 Anime Weekend Atlanta
2008/03 SXSW2008 and US tour
2008/04 kawaii con Hawaii