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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Daily Athenaeum - Live Review"

"The Emergency is like a three piece kick to my head. They're just three guys who rock out, and I hope they enjoy rocking out, because they're pretty darn good at it. Until a few days ago, the best show I had ever been to was an Emergency show. It was knocked out of the No. 1 spot by another Emergency show...surely one of the most driving intense forces around..." - Matt Fedorko

"The Dominion Post"

"Let's call them the band that put the fun back in rock 'n' roll. Honestly, when's the last time you listened to a CD and could tell the musicians were enjoying themselves? The Emergency's brand new CD has enough toe-tapping head bobbing good tunes on it for three bands. The sound they've crafted in their live shows shines through on their new release. Oh, how it shines." - Michelle Wolford

"Graffiti Magazine"

"Can I get a 'HELL YEAH?!?!?' How Can You Move?, The Emergency's debut is out. I'm listening to it right now - and if you haven't bought it already, it's gonna melt your heart like pink 'n' blue cotton candy, and give your damaged psyche a good going over. This varied, complex-yet-simple collection is a joyous hell ride from start to finish, and probably one of the best debut albums of the year." - Mothman Jack

"The Daily Anthenaeum - Live Review"

"WOW! The Emergency rocked my world...vocalist/guitarist Rob Wehrle mastered the mic and played some unique sounding guitar parts, reminiscent of Modest Mouse. The vocals reminded me of Pat Wilson's (the drummer for Weezer) singing in his side project. The Special Goodness. All in all, The Emergency is right up my alley and maybe yours too if you like the bands I have described above." - Ben Lopez

"Graffiti Magazine - Live Review"

"The Emergency has quickly developed into a crack squad of power-poppers with enough hooks, chops, brains and cajones to hold its own against just about anyone in indie-land." - Mothman Jack


"If you've ever been to one of their shows you've been treated to a heapin' helpin' of three minute hook-heavy pop/rock anthems that likely stayed in your head for days after the show was over. Their sound is upbeat, overdriven and chalked full of melody (not to mention a great guitar sound). With the release of their debut CD entitled How Can You Move?, The Emergency are primed for new levels of success and judging from the reaction they've been getting here in town, it just might happen." - Mark Poole

"Charleston Daily Mail"


This relatively new Morgantown trio has been turning heads live since its first show. The band's recorded debut serves as a vehicle for Wehrle's tunes which are filled with an impressive array of ideas and hooks. Wehrle proves himself to be quite a promising songwriter who surrounds himself with some able blokes. - Michael Lipton

"Smother.Net (Editor's Pick)"

The Emergency is set to deliver you from bad music.  "All Over Town" has to be one of the best pop songs ever written.  The album's so good that you actually strain to repeat JUST this track rather than the whole album.  I'm serious, there is no better band in the underground at all - and I might just have to go out on a limb here and say there never will be another band this good in the underground ever again or at least in my lifetime. - J-Sin/Ed.

"SpunoutCentral.Com (Underground Feature of the Week)"

Grade: B+

I'll be spanked, splattered and sprinkled. The Emergency is pretty damn swell; clever melody, spontaneity and the appropriation of harmonies are their key. How Can You Move? is the best overall recording heard this week. The Emergency feature enough quirky and positive elements that they could find an audience (and a label) outside of West Virginia. - Adam Mico

"Racer X"

"How Can You Move?" is a great CD...catchy hooks and smart but unpretentious lyrics...their debut CD is a collection of 14 songs involving love and cynicism.  How rock and roll is that?  These guys have listened to their fair share of Guided By Voices, Bob Mould and Weezer - but they put it all together to make their own progressive sound that's strong enough to take them to the next level of indie success.  I expect to see them there soon. - Bryan Stealy


How Can You Move?
Doo-Lang Doo-Lang

We're out there on the Internet: I-tunes and many other fine places. Download a song! We could use the 48 cents.

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Feeling a bit camera shy


We've just released our second full length "Doo-Lang Doo-Lang" all by ourselves.

Our first record "How Can You Move?" climbed all the way to #31 on CMJ TOP 200 charts and charted there for about 8 weeks.

Don't you just wanna see some action? Get on your feet. Be out of breath? Sometimes you need to raise your hand if you're sure. Cut loose. Get excited. Walk home laughing and humming. And we're sure you will too when you come see us. Help us battle for the good times!

Seriously, if we do not deliver the goods, we will flog ourselves after the show.


The Who,
The Beatles,
Big Star,
Husker Du,
The Replacements,
Guided By Voices,
The Kinks.

We attempt to make every show exciting, energetic, passionate and fun. Our music has substance, passion...for what we still don't know. Get off my back mom! OK!

We get to the point. We like hooks. Our record is short and has 14 songs. We want to keep people's attention for 45 minutes live or on record. We're not gonna waste your time. We talk to the audience. They like that. We like that. Don't you?