The Emetics

The Emetics


The Emetics do not profess to play music. We incorporate our own aural surroundings into our compositions. This is cut up in its extreme and immediate environment. Like William Burroughs and Bryon Gysin who cut up words and images The Emetics cut up sounds from all talks of life.


Th Emetics play a kind of music that is everyone's and no one's. They capture germs of expression, cut up to reveal their brilliant facets, set them in the golden lyre of Ur-consciousness. This utopian act is consummated by high temperature electrochemical incineration producing controlled noise resonance and transmutation of audio material substances into “mu-sick”. Mu, the proper Koanic negation of the wrong question, can be used to answer the basic question “but is this music? The answer is mu! (sic). These compositions result in the accidental death of normative acoustic behaviour and perception, a death by spontaneous combustion, a massive surge of bioacoustic energy sufficient to blow the hinges off the doors of auditory perception.


We record two times a week and out of each day we produce an album. On our website you can view and listen to a single track from each of the 26 discs we recorded in 2006.

This year so far we have recorded 20 such discs. No air play as of yet...

a few titles this year include

Human Waste Trail
Entertaining Struggle
Click Bash Obscuro
Wrongs From The Middle Of Nowhere

Set List

Our typical set list changes with every performance. We like to play anywhere from 20 minute sets to 60 minute sets. We do not play covers though we enjoying covering ourselves, in velvet.

A typical repertoire for us is a set of unknown possiblities that take place in a feedback loop with the audience while we employ the discipline of chaos.