The Emmaus Project

The Emmaus Project

 Gillette, Wyoming, USA

The Emmaus Project is an high energy alternative rock band from Gillette, Wy. We have two goals in our music: sharing the love and grace of God with those who do not know Him and encouraging those who do. Our musical styles extend over a broad range including punk, rock, alternative, and worship.


What makes The Emmaus Project unique is that the members are all so different, and that diversity is evident in our music.
Each member of the band has an amazing story of how God has, and is still preparing each of us to serve Him. Most of us have a story of how God has let us go through some unbearably tough and hurtful situations; just to show us that He cares for us and loves us. That is one of the main messages that we bring in our music. We are influenced by many bands, but these are some of our biggest:
Audio Adrenaline
The Afters
The Emmaus Project is from Gillette, Wyoming in the Northeast corner of the state. It actually started with just Ty and Caleb. They quickly added Dani, as Caleb soon recognized his inability to sing. That trio played several shows over the next six to nine months but realized the need for depth. It was about that time that Justin and Caleb met and became good friends. A few months later, Jared was running sound for a show and fell in love with us. The current collection seems to complete the puzzle for now. We are always looking to God for the direction we should take.


We are just releasing our first EP. It has four tracks that show our range in styles. It contains the songs:
Foolish One
Can You Tell Me
We are currently working on radio play and our music streams from our website,, and our Myspace.

Set List

Typical list last year was:
Foolish One
Till the Truth is Known
Here I am to Worship
I could sing of Your Love Forever
When the Music Ends
Speak a little about how they can know Jesus.
Saints Killing Sinners
We Wanna See Jesus Lifted High
Can You Tell Me
Encore - Broken
That is our long set list. That lasts us about 1.5 hours. The covers we do are praise and worship songs.