The Emmons Sisters

The Emmons Sisters


The Emmons Sisters, "The Princesses of Bluegrass," play music that is bringing a whole new future to bluegrass music. The audience may be seeing four sisters, ages 15-21, but they’re listening to musicians playing energetic bluegrass music while singing beautiful harmonies to audiences of all ages.


The Emmons Sisters, "The Princesses of Bluegrass," are playing music that will bring a whole new future to bluegrass music. That’s why they play Tomorrow’s Bluegrass, Today!

The audience may be seeing four young sisters, ages 15, 17, 19, and 21, but they’re listening to enthusiastic musicians playing energetic bluegrass music while singing beautiful soaring harmonies to audiences of all ages.

These sisters write their own bluegrass gospel music, weaving in influences of some of their favorite bluegrass artists such as Alison Krauss and Union Station, Nickel Creek, Cherryholmes, and Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, yet still allowing their own distinct sound to stand true.

Hitting the stage in 2002, they’ve performed at hundreds of venues all over the west coast for audiences of all ages and sizes.

Besides entertaining for live audiences, The Emmons Sisters have had the privilege of recording their original songs for over 90 episodes of television shows on four different networks shown worldwide. Their original music will also be used as part of the sound track for a feature length movie due to be released in the spring of 2008.

The Emmons Sisters have completed four CDs. The most recent, "Turning Point," was produced by The Emmons Sisters, and recorded at Log Cabin Studios in August 2006. “Possibilities” was recorded in 2004 (recorded at Log Cabin Studios), “God’s Gift” was recorded in 2003 (recorded at Log Cabin Studios) and “In The Springtime,” their debut album, was recorded at Mountain View Productions in 2002.

Their CDs are available at The Emmons Sisters’ live performances, their website (, CD Baby ( and at the following Oregon Stores: Plaza Sewing, Listen Here, and Evangel.

Go ahead; take a listen to The Emmons Sisters. You will hear the sound of tomorrow’s bluegrass music, being played today.

The Emmons Sisters are based in Grants Pass, Oregon.

The Emmons Sisters. Tomorrow’s Bluegrass, Today.

And Their Fans Say:

"When I first heard The Emmons Sisters, I was amazed beyond words. Their sweet, yet reverberating voices and original songs truly spoke to my soul. They posses innocence that is inspirational and wisdom beyond their years." –CC from Oregon

“I received it (Possibilities) today and it sounds great. It's incredible how you wrote all of those songs by yourselves, you're all extremely talented. Your beautiful harmonies along with the instruments sound tremendous. In a world where God is not usually part of man’s life, it is so terrific to see young people like you praising God so confidently and maturely through your music. Thank you all so much for keeping bluegrass gospel music alive in the way you do and for giving it that unique sound which I feel so blessed to hear! Your CD is fantastic; a real good example of a close knit bluegrass gospel group - many thanks once again.” –ML from England

“Hi girls! We received our CD on Wednesday and have been listening to it since then. We love it! You now have fans in the desert of So. CA. (I have "Possibilities" stuck in my head!! Sounds SO Nickel Creek!!) You girls keep up the good work!!” –MF from California

“I have been searching for a long time for some good Bluegrass gospel music, and would love to buy all of your CD's. I've checked out your website and I know I will love your music. I am very excited, and looking forward to receiving your music soon. I thank you all so much for producing it! Thanks again, and wishing you all the best.” -SH from Canada

“What you ladies are doing is highly encouraging to us. We pray that God will protect and guide you and help you to bear long-lasting, abundant fruit. I thank God for people like you and hope you'll never allow success and the glory of this world to interfere with making serving and glorifying the Author of your talents your number one priority.” –CW from Japan

“You are in the perfect place God has put you in. You are such a blessing to all who hear and see you.” -NM from Oregon

"Their music speaks straight to my heart and it makes me cry with joy!" –LB from California

“Wow! Their vocal harmonies give me chills!” –GM from Oregon

While watching you play and sing on the T.V. show
" Puppet Parade", I had goose bumps! We downloaded your CD's off Itunes. Love em!! We'd like to see you live. -- T from Nevada



Written By: Christina Emmons

Possibilities. The possibilities are endless when You're by my side. I can only imagine all the opportunities that will arise.

CHORUS: When I go out, when I reach out, grabbing hold of it all. I'll follow through knowing You'll catch me when I start to fall. And through it all, You've shown me all the possibilities.

All of the options are floating around. I wonder where they'll fall. Mysteries of what comes next may seem unanswerable, but we know anything and everything is possible.



2006: Turning Point (CD)
2004: Possibilities (CD)
2003: God's Gift (CD)
2002: In the Springtime (CD)

Set List

The set lists are adjusted to the set length and the audience. Sets generally are 30 to 60 minutes long with some performances lasting 2+ hours with no duplicate songs.

In addition to performing their original songs, The Emmons Sisters play cover tunes, well-known bluegrass and gospel standards and patriotic songs.