The Emotional Junkies

The Emotional Junkies


A musical explosion of sights and sounds that caress your spirit with the familiarity of fall in the countryside and rocks your senses with the deepst darkest void of a winter night.


The Emotional Junkies Hailing from the scenic coastline of Clare, Nova Scotia,(near Yarmouth) have put together a sound with a wealth of various styles and musical interpretations. There is no doubt that these musicians each offer their distinct ingredient to the mix. This group gets its influence from everything to the loose folk rockish feel of artists like Neil Young and Matt Mays, the Canadian country rock feel of Blue Rodeo, the jam band improvisational aspect of groups like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and Phish and not to forget the brash hard rocking energy of the punk and grung era mixed in with their highly emotinal style of jam based rock and the hard edge of such modern groups a Wolfmother and The White Stripes ( hence the name The Emotional Junkies). All rolled up into one, The Emotinal Junkies offer you a musical experience you will not soon forget.


7000 years ago (single)
Delta Mississippi Blues (ode to Aphrodite) (single)
Illusions (single)
Oh my love (single)

Set List

Delta Mississippi Blues (Ode to Aphrodite)
Lake Tree Gnomes
Oh my love
Stars of May
Lac d'eau clare monster
Eagle Snake Dance
Cinammon Girl (by Neil Young)
Baba O'Riley by The Who
7000 years ago
Norman's Jam