The Empire

The Empire


The Empire, are a melodic indie band, with a perversely creative streak. Formed in April 2006 the band have played indoor/outdoor gigs, but focus on creating instantly memorable and never predictable futuristic british indie music. We don't form part of an shitty fads or swallow junk culture.


We have the best songwriting team in music today - it's that simple. It's all about the quality of songs. You could play for the rest of your life in drab piss-stained pubs infront of friends and people not listening, means nothing, gets nowhere. We've got f**ing golden nuggets of songs waiting to be discovered, going across different genres of music. We can quite easily produce and album of tracks from our hundreds of songs, where no song will sound like any other. That's how varied and extensive our list is. We don't give a f** about the money (well Mike, Dan and Graham do, so just me really), we just wanna be remembered.


You're My Shield

Written By: Derm

Wind me up and twist and let me go
I'm like a wire all coiled and set to blow
And when I sleep
I sleep with one eye open wide
And when I wake
I wake up by your side

Cos you're my shield
My suit of armour
And when I'm with you
Noone can harm us

Bury my hopes deep down inside your heart
Finish me off and take me back to the start
And when I fail
Won't you pick me up off my knees
And when I fall, ah won't you help me please

Cos you're my shield
My suit of armour
And when I'm with you
Noone can harm us

You're not looking for a joker
Who's gonna mess you round
I will be your clown I promise
I won't let you down


Silver Plane, You're my shield, Pedal Steel, Cigarette burns, Make Believe Wings, THe Boy of December, Make you wait, SLow is my only speed, One hand free and others

Set List

We generally don't do covers unless it's something quirky and a competely different take on the original. Set is most of the above and anything else we fancy and have been practising.