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The Empires



The Empires: cinematic science-fiction indie rock

The Empires were formed in Toronto in 2002 by Terrence Kramer and James Strachan who grew up together listening to 70s prog-rock and early jazz-fusion.

After several years worth of playing and recording with various music projects during the 90's, Terry and James enlisted John Hall (formerly of By Divine Right) and Graham Walsh (also of Holy Fuck) in 2003 to complete the The Empires.

Though the band has often been compared to late 80s/early 90s brit/shoegaze bands such as Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver, The Empires themselves don't see the connection, having been influenced more by the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, Magma, Miles Davis, Bruce Hack, SFA, Ennio Morricone, Bartok, & AM radio.

The Empires desire is to explore the musical spectrum; from strange, melodic pop/rock songs to more unconventional experiments in sound and music. The songs conjure themes of obsession, nostalgia, futurism, and horror, based on ideas from science fiction novels and films.

In 2004 the band focused on playing live shows in Toronto and other Canadian cities, and made their US debut during a 4-show 'mini-tour' in NYC in November. During this time they also released a self-produced EP called "Lesbian Games".

After spending much of the last year working on new songs for their first full-length album (but having written and recorded enough for two full albums), The Empires are anticipating the release of "Foundation and Empire" which is currently in production. Also in the works is an experimental DVD intended as a follow-up to the record, based on the visual projections used in their live shows, and featuring songs from the album (as well as other unreleased goodies).


Lesbian Games Limited Edition Single
First full length "Foundation and Empire" available in May 2006.

Set List

Lesbian Games
Born Surprises
Miami Device
Kingdom Hall
Fate on the Corner
Her Infrared Instrument
Identical Girl
Sets typically range from 40 mins- 1 hour.