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The Empire Shall Fall @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel w/ Dead By Wednesday, Acerose

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The Empire Shall Fall @ Backstage w/ Silence The Martyr

Woodmere, New York, USA

Woodmere, New York, USA

The Empire Shall Fall @ Great Scott's w/ Acaro and Colepitz

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



MM: Hello, how are you feeling?

Nick: Pretty good, thanks. The weather in New England has just shifted to my favorite of all. Early fall. Low 70’s, with a nice breeze. I can wear a hoodie at night.

MM: The name of your band is Empire Shall Fall, which is a pretty interesting name. Where did it come from - is it perhaps the way you see the world today and the fact that the only way is collapse of the Empire or is it connected to something like the 2012 prophecy? Or is it something completely different? I see some Masonic and Illuminati symbolism in your logo...

Nick: Jesse created the name to use for a solo project he was working on. A few months later, I contacted him about starting a metal group that is politically inspired. We tossed around a few names, but nothing really clicked. TESF basically had the message we were going for, so we sort of hi-jacked his solo project. The meaning of the name? We, and many others, see the world as being controlled by an Empire; a group of people who influence the supply of money, who limit our access to information, who stage wars and create events to pass their own personal agendas, and so-on. Some people call this group “the Elite” or “the Illuminati,” but whatever you want to call them, they are an Empire. The reign over the world and keep all of us living a life of half-truths. For those of us who aren’t part of their empire, we must expose them, defeat them. Hence, the name of the band.

MM: When and how did Empire Shall Fall came about?

Nick: I was driving home from NYC after visiting Jesse for a weekend. While driving home, I got this idea to start a metal band with him. So, I called my friend Mike, who is a guitar teacher. I asked him “Of all your students, who is the best at metal?” He told me, “Jake Davenport, by far.” So, I contacted Jake and told him to send me some mp3’s of some riffs. I told him I was thinking of getting Jesse Leach do some tracks. In a week’s time, he sent me about 2 or 3 full tracks that would turn out to be our first tunes as a whole band. I then proposed the idea to Jesse, showed him the tracks, and he thought they were great. That is the short version.

MM: Did you have any previous band experiences?

Nick: I do. We all do. But, I think right now I am the only one that didn’t have any experience playing metal. I basically bit off more than I could chew. Metal is fast. I caught up, and now it’s not that big of a deal. But at first, I was having a tough time keeping up. What I think is unique about our situation is that we all have different backgrounds. Everyone knows Jesse has a great metal voice, but many don’t know he is massively influenced by hip hop and reggae. Jake is a great metal player, but he also rips at jazz. I have a groove, rock, and jazz background. Marc and Jeff both love metal and groove stuff. We are all over the place. But, we all love metal. Our diversity has definitely been a key factor in our sound.

MM: Considering there is five of you, was it hard to form a vision of what TESF would be about?

Nick: I don’t think so. We all sort of had the same awareness that something isn’t right in the world. I think a lot of people, if not most, see that corruption is present in pretty much every form of government. Between the five of us, we have some differences, but for the most part we are on the same page.

MM: As it says on your Myspace page, you are influenced by tons of different music types but I'm more interested in the other influences like Freedom fighters, activists and so on. Can you name some people who strongly influence you?

Nick: There are so many individuals and organizations out there that are really spreading the word.
Jeremy Scahill is a master of the privatization of the war in Iraq, particularly with Blackwater.
Jello Biafra (from the Dead Kennedy’s) is great. He is able to present so much information on a particular topic and make it all tie together. I think he has really woken up a lot of people with his speeches. Alex Jones, as crazy as people make him out, has reached millions of people around the world. He is a bit extreme at times, but most of his info is pretty well-documented. Ron Paul is one of the last guys in US Government who isn’t bought and paid for. His economic policies are right on. I don’t agree with his stance on every issue, but he’s a great example of someone who wakes up every day and goes to work fighting for freedom.

MM: People always used to think of the US as the beacon of Freedom and Justice and also as the embodiment of the possibilty to fullfill your dreams. Today some see it as the complete opposite. What's your opinion on it? Do you think it became what it fought against?

Nick: I agree with you, and it’s very unfortunate. In my lifetime, I hadn’t really known the US to be this so-called Beacon of Freedom. I was born in the Reagan Administration. I am not sure it’s fair to blame the US as a tyrant of the world. I agree that a lot of terrible things happen as a result of the decisions our leaders take, but I think it’s important to understand that often these decisions are made by Globalists. If we look at the “Elite” or the “Empire” as those making the decisions, you can’t really blame the US as a country. Globalists exist in every little part of the world and they make decisions to benefit themselves, not their country. Blaming the US as a country would be like blaming a cashier at Walmart for putting your Mom & Pop store out of business. Americans don’t have much say in who we go to war with. Americans aren’t sitting at home deciding what price Oil should be trading at. It’s just easy for the rest of the world to lump all their problems on America. But as far as freedom is concerned, I think we have it better than some countries for sure. But, things like the US PATRIOT Act have definitely taken away from our freedom. There is also so much corruption in our justice system, that the American citizen can never truly live a “free” life. If I were to live in another country for the sake of freedom, I wouldn’t choose the US.

MM: People who stand up for freedom always stare at the face of adversity, so Empire Shall Fall probably already did and will do. How did it affect the lives of each members?

Nick: It’s definitely hard to try and spread awareness. A lot of people do not want to listen to you, at all. At first, I didn’t have the most tact when talking to people. I would get written off as a “conspiracy theorist” and that really got to me. Over time, you figure out how to best present yourself. My main thing is health and nutrition. Everybody’s got to eat, right? It’s very easy to point out to some one the dangers of their diet. You don’t want to come across as a know-it-all jerk, but you want to be informative. A good example of getting people to listen to you would be to take something that they know is bad for them, but they probably don’t really understand to what extent. Example: If your friend is eating his/her way through a bag of Oreos, they know that those cookies are bad. But they probably just assume it’s bad because there is a lot of fat or something. You can easily provide them with tons of information about the refined sugar in the cookie. Refined sugar can be so bad for you, that it wouldn’t take much effort at all to go online and google something like “refined sugar dangers” and come back with a huge list of the reasons why you shouldn’t consume white sugar. So yes, it can be difficult to deal with the nay-sayers, but you can’t let it stop you. Don’t be annoying about informing people. If you can get across the attitude that you are trying to inform, not conform, then you will have a much better chance of reaching people.

MM: In the world of darkness, your music seems like really positive. How do you perceive the meaning of your music and lyrics?

Nick: Specifically with the lyrics, they are meant to inspire people to educate themselves. We don’t want to be too preachy. We don’t want to have a “F You” mentality. Much like many of Jesse’s prior lyrics, it’s more about unity, love, and respect, than anything else. With this band, we stress that being united is really the only way to defeat such a large and powerful enemy. And selfishly, you are fighting for your own human rights. It’s something everyone should be able to get behind. But, first and foremost, knowledge is key. You have to know what you stand for.

MM: How would you describe your music? I think it's hard to categorize it into one or two genres?

Nick: Our music is hard to categorize, but if it must be done, then I would say metal with a punk attitude. That doesn’t really describe the sound, as much as it describes the mentality. To describe the sound, maybe metal with melody and odd times that you don’t need a calculator to understand.

MM: Considering that your vocalist is Jesse D. Leach, formerly of KSE, do you think it is a blessing and a curse? Some people could imagine that some would listen to your music only because of him (don't get me wrong if this question sound funny)?

Nick: You are right about that. Blessing because we have a much easier start as a band. We don’t have to start off as a small local band that has to play the Tuesday night open mic, just so we can get a gig on a Saturday. But, a curse because of so many reasons. Some want us to be kSe. Some just want Jesse to go back to kSe. Some won’t listen to us because they “will never forgive Jesse for leaving kSe.” I don’t know. It’s ridiculous. Just type us in on youtube and see the ridiculous conversations going on. People still get off on the whole “Jesse vs Howard” argument, which is probably the biggest waste of time that anyone can get involved in. It’s like trying to ask a 2 year old if he/she likes The Beatles or the Rolling Stones better. The kid’s answer probably wouldn’t make sense, and ultimately, who cares?

MM: Why do all the today modern metal or HC bands have three - four words in their names? :)

Nick: Good question. I think just to keep up with the trends. Why did we do it? Because we desperately need to be accepted by metal heads (insert sarcasm font).

MM: What do you think you guys can offer to the today's music scene? Do you even care, hehe?

Nick: I think we can offer something different. That sounds cliché, but I do believe it. We draw inspiration from so many different sources, but I don’t think anyone will honestly be able to say, “Oh whatever, these guys sound like Whatever-Band.” Our styles jump all over the place, so people will say what they want to say, but our next track won’t sound like whatever band they reference.

MM: Can you say something about the upcoming album?

Nick: Yes, I can. When it is done, party at my house…all night long…till the break of dawn.
I can’t wait. It’s been about a year since we formed, and I can’t wait to show the world what we have to offer. I think people will be surprised. Those who already like us will just be happy that we finally got this album out. Those who don’t like us now will probably like the album but have a tough time admitting it because they want to stick to their guns. Those who haven’t heard of us at all (which is the majority) will probably just like the album…and hopefully buy it.

MM: What do you guys do for a living?

Nick: Some of us are in school. Some of us are working crap 9-5’ers. I am working on starting a guitar company. I am still in the proto-typing stage. We are all trying to make a living off of music, which is incredibly difficult. And by living, I mean like $20K take home pay. I’m not looking to get gold plated rims. I just want to pay my bills and drive a car that can pass inspection. Damn music business.

MM: You run a label called Angle Side Side? Present it a bit?

Nick: I do. Basically, I started Angle Side Side as a sort representation company/label for myself and the acts I work with. It truly is an “Indie” label, and not one that is backed by Sony or something. The label is backed by my wallet. With the release of the TESF album, it will be the first release of Angle Side Side. I’m pretty excited to finally get the ball rolling on that. I also have a group that plays with an emcee that goes by Symmetry. We should be releasing an album with him, soon. There is currently a free EP you can download by going to

MM: How do you perceive the future of humanity and Empire Shall Fall?

Nick: Humanity? Man, that’s deep. I think we got some battles ahead of us. Maybe not physical battles and all-out war, but some trying times, indeed. It’s going to take a lot of work and dedication from all of us to reach a point where we don’t have to compromise our basic human rights, just so we can continue to live. It’s going to take a long time for us to clean up the mistakes we have made. We need to bring the power back to the majority, and out of the hands of corporations. The first thing we can do is use our money wisely. We have purchasing power, every time we go to a store to buy food. Every time we buy anything, we are choosing who we support. Don’t give your money to big corporations if you don’t have to. Go to farmer’s markets and get the food from them. Everyone wins in this situation. You get fresher food, and the farmer gets more money, so he/she can keep growing you that good stuff. Support your local community/economy. If we do this, it binds us together. Strength in numbers, ya know? I think long term, the future of humanity is positive, but don’t take it for granted. Get active. Get educated.

TESF will continue to make music and spread our message. We hope that people will help us make this possible. As long as there is a desire to spread the message, the band will continue. I’m sure that desire won’t be dying out any time soon. - Master Magazin from Slovenia

Providence, Rhode Island's freshly-minted metallic hardcore powerhouse THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL will release its debut album, "Awaken", on guitarist Nick Sollecito's own Angle Side Side Records on November 17.

Featuring the vocal talents of ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE throat Jesse Leach, THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL's sound is rooted in metal/hardcore, citing luminaries AT THE GATES, MESHUGGAH, and EDGE OF SANITY as major inspirations. However, "Awaken" also draws heavily upon the band members' combined interests in jazz, punk, and experimental music to create a compelling blend of melody, brutality, and sheer determination that is impossible to pin down and sure to intrigue fans of REFUSED, AT THE DRIVE IN, DEFTONES, and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME.

Fueled by political outrage and a never-ending search for truth, the band's message is as potent as their music, and serves as a call to arms for a lost generation. Advocating positivity, unity, and empowerment and taking cues from legendary rabble-rousers and free thinkers like Jello Biafra, Benjamin Franklin, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul, THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL's passion for and dedication to their political causes forms the backbone of the band and sets them a head and shoulders apart from their peers.

"Awaken" track listing:

01. Awaken
02. Lords of War
03. Voices Forming Weapons
04. Choir of Angels
05. We the People
06. These Colors Bleed
07. Our Own
08. The Kingdom

The effort was produced by THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL guitarist Marcus de Lisle. Vocals were recorded at Sound Ape in Providence. The album artwork was created by Matt Yazuita and mixing/mastering duties for the album were handled by Sean Small (ABACABB, WE WERE GENTLEMEN, FRIDAY NIGHT BOYS).


Jesse Leach - Vocals
Jake Davenport - Guitar
Marcus de Lisle - Guitar
Nick Sollecito - Bass
Jeff Pitts - Drums

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Awaken (debut out 11/17/09, Angle Side Side)

Title Track "Awaken" is streaming online at our myspace/facebook



Providence, RI’s freshly-minted metallic hardcore powerhouse The Empire Shall fall first came into being in the summer of 2008, after longtime friends Nick Sollecito and Jesse Leach got together and decided it was high time for them to form a band. Though Leach had split with Killswitch Engage several years previously and Sollecito’s roots lay mainly in the jazz and hip hop scenes, they were dead-set on bringing a balls-out modern metal band to life. After finding a temporary drummer and recruiting Jake Davenport on guitar, and practicing endlessly to truly nail down the TESF sound, the quartet began playing gigs around New England. The addition of Marc de Lisle on second guitar and Jeff Pitts on drums solidified the band’s lineup, and led to the recording of the band’s debut full-length, Awaken. Financing the entire recording as well as all merchandise, pressing, and touring costs themselves and set to release the album on Sollecito’s own Angle Side Side Records in November 2009, The Empire Shall Fall are the perfect example of a determined, ambitious, totally DIY band on a mission.

The Empire Shall Fall’s eclectic sound is rooted in metal/hardcore, citing luminaries At the Gates, Meshuggah, and Edge of Sanity as major inspirations. However, ‘Awaken’ also draws heavily upon the band members’ combined interests in jazz, punk, and experimental music to create a compelling blend of melody, brutality, and sheer determination that is impossible to pin down and sure to intrigue fans of Refused, At the Drive In, Deftones, and BTBAM.

Fueled by political outrage and a never-ending search for truth, the band’s message is as potent as their music, and serves as a call to arms for a lost generation. Advocating positivity, unity, and empowerment and taking cues from legendary rabble-rousers and free thinkers like Jello Biafra, Benjamin Franklin, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul, THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL’s passion for and dedication to their political causes forms the backbone of the band and sets them a head and shoulders apart from their peers.