The Empty Pockets

The Empty Pockets

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Empty Pockets craft often-cerebral and always-catchy rock ‘n roll with a smack of Texas saloon and a taste of Motown soul.


It was a scorching Chicago summer in 2006 when long-time friends Josh Solomon, Danny Rosenthal and Nate Bellon officially became a band. After recording their first original demo, the boys starred in a 2007 theatrical production of the Buddy Holly Story which served as a showcase for the new group. The band attracted the attention of local morning show personality Scott Mackay (WLS-FM) and the show’s success lead to a tribute album and critical acclaim in print, along with television and radio appearances. Playing as Buddy Holly and the Crickets each night was a rock and roll roots education that left an indelible mark on The Empty Pockets’ music, focusing their sound on driving rockabilly grooves thick with rhythm and blues, and thoughtful melodies and harmonies in classic pop song structures.

With the Buddy Holly buzz, the boys went back in the studio to complete an album of their original music. They released "Under the Bed" using early band name, “Josh & the Empty Pockets,” at the beginning of 2008 – a fun, multifaceted album so full of catchy refrains that Nickelodeon licensed the album in it‘s entirety for the shows; iCarly, Zoey101 and Drake & Josh. Produced by industry veteran Rick Fritz (Brian Wilson, John Mellencamp), the single “Fall Right Now” tells the story of a young romance that almost too eagerly becomes true love.

Josh’s muse for “Fall Right Now,” Erika Brett, was soon asked to join the band and the new foursome, now simply “The Empty Pockets,” headed into another studio session, this time for a holiday duet. While on their first tour, The Empty Pockets' single, "Baby It's Cold Outside” – a spirited mash-up of two holiday classics – hit radio with airplay on over a hundred markets nationwide peaking at #25 on the Medibase AC Chart. The band toured extensively, including a showcase at SXSW, piquing the interest of legendary manager David Spero (Joe Walsh, Cat Stevens, Dickey Betts) who added the band to his roster in late 2009.

In 2010, The Empty Pockets had a breakout year, sharing the stage with Jennifer Hudson and Buffalo Springfield’s Richie Furay and headlining historic venues like the House of Blues Chicago and Millennium Park. Their song, “Take Me,” about the conflict in Afghanistan was featured in award-winning documentary, “Patrol Base Jaker.” Energized by these performances, the band toured relentlessly through 2012, opening for comedian George Lopez and artists like Dickey Betts, Dave Mason, and Kansas, sharing the bill with stars like Jason Mraz, Jimmy Cliff, and FUN, all while recording and releasing two EP’s: “Introducing The Empty Pockets” and “A Holiday Staycation,” both of which received substatial national airplay on Triple-A and Hot AC radio stations.

Currently in the studio working on a full-length album for 2014, The Empty Pockets pride themselves on delivering handcrafted rock and roll. Their music is devoid of sequencing, auto-tune or digital pollution in favor of rich, analog sounds and skillful musicianship true to the band’s performance onstage. Catch the band as they travel the country in their van, The Pocket Rocket, in support of their latest release.


All I Need

Written By: The Empty Pockets

It's what every person
in the whole world needs
What everybody wants
but cannot see
I don't know much of love no
no more than you spoke of
Gives a sick man hope and
brings her home to me

All I need is,
Someone to lean on
And somebody to lean on me
All I need is
Someone to lean on
And somebody to lean on me

I listen to the radio,
all I hear is pimps and ho's
What ever happened to those nice boys
like 98 degrees and Nick Lachey
And do you think that on the way
We can change the world someday
You looking for a change ya'll
Look on up to me


A singin' oh oh oh uh oh...
Together now oh oh oh uh oh..

All I say's been said before by
Some Beatles, Bill, Van and more
If you're not listening
May I have your attention please
The people all have real big hearts
when they choose to show those parts
This song ain't no inspiration
Just philosophy


A singin' oh oh oh uh oh...
Together now oh oh oh uh oh..
Honey oh oh oh uh oh..
C'mon oh oh oh uh oh..


Let Go

Written By: The Empty Pockets

Sometimes it's so hard to take that step
one foot before the next
Heading on your way

You readjust your grip there on my hand
and I can understand
It's worse than yesterday

But I won't let go
No I won't let go
No I won't let go just so you know

The sky is falling there's nowhere to run
One wrong move and we're done
So let's tread carefully

We find a place to hide beneath some tress
You're shaking at the knees
You say just hold me please

And I don't let go
No I don't let go
No I don't let go and this I know

And I focus on what's left when I should focus on what's right
A nameless voice inside my head convincing me to stop this fight

I'm knee deep in a swamp of doubt and fear
and danger's getting near
I'm ready to give in

But here you come like armies on the sea
just to rescue me
When hope was getting thin

But you don't let go
No you don't let go
No you don't let go and this I know

And I won't let go
No you won't let
And we won't let go and this I know
This I know
This I know

The Way

Written By: The Empty Pockets

I’d Like to take the stars and se them at your door
I’d like to give you things and leave you never wanting more
I’d like to take your hand and dance with you for a bit,
Underneath the starless sky I’d sing to you… and then we’d kiss

I’d fly a plane an heart your name up in the clouds
I’d grow you flowers but I don’t know how
I’d write a book and dedicate it in your name
I’ll always love you but you will…never feel the same

Its true, only you, could turn my grey skies to blue.
And I see its not me, I guess that the way it should be.

See we could grow old together and never be lonely, we could
Paint our house and cut the grass but trust me its only
The way it could be sometime, sometimes, sometimes.

And if you ever need me I’ll be sitting with my dreams
And hope the day comes in which you might sit with me
But for now I’m happy enough I guess
I’ll always love you, but you will…need to do the rest

And I see, its not me, I guess that the way it should be.
Its true, only you, could turn my bright days into blue.
And I’m slow, even so, I’d make you smile don’t you know.
I bet, you’d regret, not loving me since we met.

Take Me

Written By: The Empty Pockets

He stumbled through the broken street of glass and stone
the sun dangling in the noon sky
They just said goodbye
She left the house at 9am predicting she'd return at ten
but hours passed
Then he heard the blast

Now he's running through the crowd that's gathered round
the decimated market place
looking for her face
Sirens sound from nearby roads. His thoughts are incoherent
Head blank as a cloud
And he shouts out loud

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, Take me
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, Take me

Earlier that day a man had stepped into a car and taken out his keys
And then begged god please:
"Take my soul but keep my sons away from harm
And don't you hurt my loving wife
As I give my life"

His engine turned, the car drove down some Ahfgan street
he listened to the radio
He was driving slow
As he approached the market place he held his breath
and gripped the wheel began to cry
And looked to the sky.... he screams

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, Take me
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, Take me

Fire, fire and dust fill the air
Fire, fire and dust, a hope and a prayer
Fire, fire and dust fill the air
Fire, fire and dust, a hope and a prayer

Seven thousand miles away in thirty second segments
all the experts muse
on the evening news
Yet another necessary consequence
to keep our homeland safe and sound


Written By: The Empty Pockets

Just a girl and then I fell from grace
Somehow crashing through the sky
I held on as long as I could take
You can't blame me cuz I tried
Caught in the winds of change
Holdin' my head up
My address still feels strange
Come on and find me

Home, Why did you leave me
Home, Couldn't you see me
Home, Oh

Worked to pay my rent and sold my heart
Like a pair of high-heeled shoes
Wondered always when I'd be a part
Of the place I've paid my dues
Fighting for me each day
God do I miss you
Just wanna hear you say
Honey you're here now

Home, Why can't I keep you
Home, I struggle and cling to
Home – When will you come back
Home, Why did you leave me
Home, Couldn't you see me
Home, Oh

Decorated Rooms and paid my bills
All to buy your dreams for me
But I don't owe you any voice until
You accept to set me free
Caught in the winds of change
Holdin' my head up
My address still feels strange
Come on and find me

Home, Off in the distance
Home, In spite of resistance
Home – oh
Home, I'm almost there now
Home, I'm breathing the air now

Fall Right Now

Written By: The Empty Pockets

Up to my place four flights of stairs
Got up fast took them in pairs
I'm out of breath now from the climb
Or is that you stuck in my mind
I'm in trouble yes I'm screwed
Got to calm down I'll clean my room
Can't sweep the floor don't own a broom
Can't watch TV should pay that bill
Where's my head thoughts on you still
Here we go

I can't fall right now this I know for sure
See I can't fall right now though I know your motives are pure
It's not my rotten past or issues to work through
It's just I can't fall right now even over you

I couldn't catch my breath for long
So I wrote you this second song
I'll send an email with the file
And you can listen as I dial your number
For the ninth time... today
It's just that I can't get enough
Play hard to get I'll call your bluff, then
In your room tensions will rise
Hold your breath I'll close my eyes
Here we go

You can't fall right now you've made it loud and clear that
You can't fall right now but tell me how'd we end up here?
Though I'm tempted to I can clearly see
That you can't fall right now even over me
Even over me

Falling's hard
You'll get sore
I wake up
Wanting more

Ok I'll fall right now what I've got to lose?
Today I'll fall right now babe you've got to choose
Can't stand any longer to far too puruse
Yes I'll fall right now over you


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