the End again

the End again


the End again is an emotional, dark, and quite often intense journey in sound. Their music is quite heavy rock but with a strong emphasis on melody and meaningful lyrics.


Formed in the early autum of 2005, the End again, consists of Ronan McCrory (vocals/guitar), Kevin Carroll (guitar), Patrick Connor (drums), and Ger Murphy (bass). On formation, and agreement on the need for a band with a new perspective to make its mark on the Irish musical scene, a number of months of in-depth song-writing (and song-scrapping), jamming and rehearsals ensued and now the Dundalk based band have emerged from the practice rooms to unleash their sound on the masses.

Describing their music as innovative and quite often intense, the group is influenced by a number of acts including Trapt, Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones and A Perfect Circle. The band's desire to produce intense and emotional music is reflected in the tracks that form their set-list, a set-list which is constantly evolving and diversifying, while pushing each band members musical abilities even further.

During the Winter of 2005, the band recorded their first demo as a 4-piece which contains the tracks "Identity" & "My December". In March of 2006 the band returned for another 3 day stint in the studio, recording 2 brand new tracks entitled "Epilogue" & "Crawl". All 4 tracks can be downloaded free from

the End again are currently writing and rehearsing as well as extending their live show to many venues across Ireland.


Demo 1: 'Identity' & 'My December'
Demo 2: 'Epilogue' & 'Crawl'

All four songs available for steaming and download at

Set List

We perform an all original set which depending on whether we are headlining or playing support can last from 35 - 60 mins and would usually consist of the following tracks:

1. E=MC2
2. In Silence
3. 'Untitled'
4. Outside
5. Epilogue
6. Crawl
7. My December
8. Identity
9. Summer Sky
10. Chalk-line

We also have a number of songs that we don't play anymore due to having written new songs. We also have a number of songs currently in production.