the Endless

the Endless


Wife-and-husband electronic dreampop duo the Endless from Los Feliz, CA weave lush, melodic synths and soaring guitars with ethereal female vocals.

Band Press

Mellow, Trippy, Spacey, Hypnotic, and Upbeat! – Dark Realms Magazine

The ethereal lyrics tell timeless tales of the journeys of the human soul. The Republic of Heaven is a labor of love that will subtly stir hidden passions that reside deep in the human heart and spirit.

Ethereal, Intelligent, and Catchy – Neil Gaiman

Internationally bestselling author Neil Gaiman: "It's aetherial, intelligent and catchy at the same time."

Unique, Haunting – Forbes Magazine

Unique, haunting and the perfect complement to an evening spent reading one of Neil Gaiman's books.

Dead Angel Magazine –

The mere fact that they live in L. A. and someone hasn't already signed them just on the strength of "credible" or "setting sun" says a lot about why the music biz is currently in a death-spiral.

Personal, Naked – Legends Magazine

It's almost like these two put everything out there – the persons they are, their entire being, when they made this album. Some of the songs appear that personal. Naked indeed.

Ethereal dreampop rarely sounds this good and intelligent – Dead Angel Magazine

Another complex and lushly orchestrated album...the band's sound is one rooted in electropop, folky acoustic guitars, and gorgeous singing. Ethereal dreampop rarely sounds this good and intelligent at the same time.

A Powerful Blend of Emotion and Voice – Indie In-Tune Magazine

The band the Endless takes on the darkness in all of its mediums and reveals not only the sorrow but also the strength and mental fortitude required to go on through the darkness. Adriana's voice is like an amalgamation of Enya and Alanis Morissette. Her crisp clear delivery is stunning when combined with the emotive lyrics. the Endless has created a powerful blend of emotion and voice so rare in modern bands.

Oozes with Seduction! – Go Girls Music

Feast your ears on something that will mesmerize you! Electrically charged lyrics united with a compelling instrumentation so hypnotic, you will find yourself drawn into their spell. “The Republic of Heaven” oozes with seduction.

Atmospheric, Ethereal, Layered and Lovely – Collected Sounds

The songs are well written (including the intelligent and imagery laden lyrics) and professionally performed creating a first class record which fans of ambient, trip-hop, electronic rock will no doubt enjoy.

Universal and Transcendant of Time – Wears The Trousers Magazine UK

The art and concepts of Somniloquy explore may be steeped in 19th century nostalgia, but the subject matter is universal and transcendent of time, drawing on themes of love and the relationship between heart and self. Amid the somewhat eerie settings, there is a pleasing warmth and modernity; each song is crafted with care and thought, composed with subtle layers and looping refrains. Tackling the majority of vocal duties, Adriana has a versatile voice, capable of both sailing, breathy cooing and darker ethereal melodies. There are clear dream-pop conventions at work here, melting into the folktronica canvas of their work; this is ambient chillout music, but with content.