The End Of The Ocean

The End Of The Ocean

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

A monumental slab of instrumental post-rock!


The End Of The Ocean is an instrumental post-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. From their start in early 2009, The End Of The Ocean has had a penchant for crafting soundtrack-esque athems that move freely from beautiful to trippy to heart-tugging to fist clenching. Heavily influenced by mid 90's emo and shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Mineral, The Appleseed Cast, American Football, Planes Mistaken for Stars), and their post-rock contemporaries (Mono, Envy, Explosions In The Sky), The End Of The Ocean utilizes intricate drumming, subtle guitar arpeggios, and a vast range of effects to craft beautiful, nostalgic and refreshingly unique memorable songs.

The End Of The Ocean has continually expanded its horizons from playing local shows to touring all across the United States. They've been fortunate enough to share the stage with Alcest, If These Trees Could Talk, Pianos Become The Teeth, Touche Amore, Code Orange Kids, Mouth of The Architect, Title Fight, Defeater, O’Brother, Junius and The Ascent Of Everest.

The End Of The Ocean self-released their first album, a 4 song EP entitled Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors, on October 1st, 2009. The album was unexpectedly downloaded over 2,000 times in the first week of its release and received stellar praise from many reviews both in the US and abroad.

The band’s second album, Pacific-Atlantic, was released by Futurerecordings (Indian Summer, The Ascent Of Everest, Sunlight Ascending) on March 1st, 2011 and made tidal waves in the post-rock community. Pacific·Atlantic was included in the prestigious list of top 100 albums of 2011 by The Silent Ballet, voted into the top 20 releases of 2011 by Post-Rock Listeners Choice, and chosen as the #6 best album of 2011 by the internet radio show Progopolis.

On June 29th, 2012, The End Of The Ocean released their third album, In Excelsis (Futurerecordings), and embarked on a five week cross-country tour in support of the album.

With three albums and multiple tours under their belt, The End Of The Ocean is currently writing new material and preparing for an even more extensive touring schedule in 2013.

With a wall of sound and an aggressive live show, listeners can't help to be caught up in the band's maelstrom of nostalgia, hope, beauty, melancholy, chaos and tranquility. It's how The End Of The Ocean creates this ebb and flow of emotions that makes this band a monumental experience.


In Excelsis – June 29 (Futurerecordings)
Track Listing:
1. On Floating
2. Star-Crossed
3. Like Honey from the Branch
4. All That Is Will Cease

In Excelsis – June 29 (Futurerecordings) (Limited Edition Lathed CD with Picture Book)
Track Listing:
1. On Floating
2. Star-Crossed
3. One Last Goodnight
4. Like Honey from the Branch
5. All That Is Will Cease

PACIFIC•ATLANTIC – March 1st (Futurerecordings)
Track Listing:
1. On the long road home
2.verses from our captain
3. worth everything ever wished for
4. to be buried and discovered again
5. may be for the better
6. southern skies
7. a dividing line
8. we always think there is going to be more time…

Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors – October 1 (Self-Released)
Track Listing:
1. Docks
2. Siren Sound
3. Romancing The Stars
4. Setting Sail

The Post-rock/Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 2 (Stereofox/Dunk!Records/Facebook Post-Rock Page)

1. A Sudden Burst Of Colour - Zen
2. Baulta - Syncope
3. Lost In Kiev - Hopes, Fight And Desillusion
4. The End Of The Ocean - On Floating
5. Aural Method - Inside Its Cloak the Ocean Tide Held Songs of Restless Beasts
6. No Respect For Beauty - I Am A Shadow
7. Doomina - Gizmo
8. Motek - each random passerby
9. Aesthesys - Anemoi
10. Drop Electric - Empire Trashed
11. Man Mountain - Lucerna
12. Adolf Plays The Jazz - black flags

Ribs Out Compilation 3
1. Aurora Borealis - It's All Over Now
2. 6LA8 - Her Braid Lashing At Him With Contempt
3. Charun - De Brevitate Vitae
4. pozvakowski - killick
5. U-Boat - Himmelrot
6. Slow Static - Analog Reality
7. BILIS SICARIO - Encuentro de Sutilezas
8. Thank U For Smoking - Il ponte di Einstein-Rosen
9. Until We Last - To Space And Back
10. Elevators Of The Future - Waves
11. NOMODD - Lunatic
12. Declan Berdella - Púlsar Andromedae (feat. Oscar Zapata from EALE)
13. Retropolis - Hyperactive Firefly
14. A Shelter In The Desert - Hard Times
15. DUDES - Dude Particle
16. Becoming The Lion - Over The River And Through The Woods
17. The End Of The Ocean - On Floating
18. Fake Designers - Only Their Ghosts
19. Walk Lazarus Walk - Crows Carry My Name
20. Dovie Beams Love Child - Sail Me To The Moon
21. Astralia - Northern Horizons
22. The Tragedy We Live In - Chains
23. Charnia - The Silent Cartographer
24. Eslam Salem - Life Is A Beach
25. Tokyo Sleep Police - Thursday, Week Two
26. Pronounce - Untitled
27. Nvblado - Avalanche Pt. II
28. Train SP Collective - Emma Goldman
29. Y - Blessing Alarm
30. Coma Stereo - Kristalni Voz
31. Watered - Monochrome Nights
32. X Suns - Lion Cave
33. Cecilia::Eyes - Four Lost Soldiers
34. Rorcal - Dysrethmia

E/D/I/L/S/ Post Rock Collection
Track Listing:
1. Moonlit Sailor – Stranded Tension
2. Waking Aida – Stanley Ipkiss
3. Ed – Favourite Melody Of The President
4. The End Of The Ocean – May Be For The Better
5. Killington fall – This City Is Covered In Water
6. Aulos – Great White Buffalo
7. Rhodes – I’ve Been Living Like A Demented God
8. MinionTV – Robot Meets Girl
9. Richard Parker – Tempus
10. Wiltz – Ba Ba Ching
11. Alright The Captain – Neo Tokyo
12. Gifts From Enola – Dime & Sulture
13. Alpha Male Tea Party – Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich
14. Kusanagi – Mirror Image
15. Get Away Cab – Worn Out Jeans
16. In Lieu – Euthanasia
17. Faded Gold – Last Night I Dreamt Alone

Bear Left – EDILS Recordings
Track Listing:
1. The End Of The Ocean – May Be For The Better
2. Cool World – Only Fooling
3. Gifts From Enola – Dime & Suture
4. Go Heeled – Hugs & Misses
5. Mark Magill – Turning Pages
6. Killington Fall – This City Is Covered In Water
7. Alpha Male Tea Party – Bakers Dozen
8. The Lions Rampant – Youth
9. Mines & Countermines – I Fought Jude Law
10. Moonlit Sailor – Yes
11. Gallery Circus – Giant Of The North
12. Get Away Cab – Worn Out Jeans

Strange Glue and The Post-Rock Underground: Vol 3.
Track listing:
1. The American Dollar – Landing
2. Pg. Lost – Crystalline
3. Collapse Under The Empire – Crawling
4. Pelican – Strung Up From the Sky
5. The End Of The Ocean – Setting Sail
6. Analog Sound – ???????? ? ????????
7. Microfilm – State & Island
8. Eimog – Saved By Thirteen