The End Times

The End Times



Prayer disguised as sin for a generation stunted by guilt, stunned by opulence and numb from the terror of living through Armageddon. A vein of truth waits to be mined and The End Times want to sell you a map.

True love and bitter betrayal. Desire and emptiness. Eternity and boredom. The End Times confront the ageless questions in song for palatable distribution to the masses, with only this message to share: Everyone is wrong about whatever they believe.

Currently, The End Times operate as an acoustic-based music trio, drawing from a variety of 20th Century folk traditions. Led nominally by an expatriate of the Great Lakes State basement rock circuit (El Smasho, Clutters, Seger Liberation Army) but powered by the youthful energy of his wards, The End Times travel light and accept any challenge.